‘I’m surprised how quickly we did it’ – 59-year-old completes #hack1000miles


Braving all weathers, Bev Hopkinson has completed our #Hack1000Miles challenge in just nine months. We’ve enjoyed keeping up with her progress on the lovely Casper. 

“I'm so pleased with my beautiful boy, Casper. Despite him being 17, having arthritic hocks and having to carry a 59-year-old around, we completed it easily. I didn’t push him, we just took it steady.”

Taking new paths

Bev added that the challenge has encouraged her to try new routes. 

“It's pushed me to try new bridleways further away and ride old ones that I haven't been on for years,” she said.

“We've been on lots of pleasure rides around Wiltshire and Somerset and boxed to the beautiful New Forest.” 

Casper didn’t mind the travelling at all. “He’s given me so much confidence,” Bev added.

She completed nearly all the miles solo, apart from a few times accompanying a nervous horsey friend. 

Braving the British weather

Bev commented that forcing herself to go out in all weathers also helped them hit the 1000-mile mark, braving the cold, gale force winds and rain.

“I wouldn't say we enjoyed going out in those conditions, but Cas is such a good boy. When I first had him, he hated the wind. I used to ride him in a pelham and martingale and he could be strong, but four years later I now ride him in a snaffle with no martingale. We go out in all winds and weathers and I trust him with my life.”

Preparing for the next 1000

Bev added that she is surprised how quickly she managed to cross the finish line. 

“I started this challenge thinking I would never be able to hack 1000 miles in a year, but have been surprised at how quickly the miles add up.”

She said that she’s loved the challenge so much that she plans to start all over again. “But before that Casper gets to have a few well-earned weeks off,” she smiled.

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