“I wasn’t sure I was going to make it” – Jane, Macey and Lucy hit 1000 miles

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Jane Armstrong-Lancaster and her horses Macey and Lucy have completed Hack 1000 miles. Throughout the challenge Jane was keen to introduce the horses to new things – including Macey taking her first trip to the beach.

“The last week was definitely the hardest – the pressure was on. I wasn’t sure I was going to make it, we had 25.1 miles to go and only two days to do it in. But we did it,” says Jane.

When she’s not hacking (Western-style) Jane also enjoys barrel racing and was recently teaching her horse Macey to spin. 

Wet weather

January saw them facing some wet and wild weather, with Jane facing one of her worst rides in a long time. “A storm blew up as we were out,” says Jane. “We had hail and very strong winds. Macey wasn’t too impressed and made sure I knew it, throwing in lots of little bucks.”

They made it home in one piece, and Jane treated herself to a well-earned glass of gin. 

Jane Armstrong3.jpg

Friends and family

She enjoyed some beautiful rides with Charlie Hogan. “Both horses are so chilled together,” smiles Jane. 

Jane also added to her horsey family during the challenge, with Light Hearted Whiz aka Lucy. Jane made sure not to waste any time getting Lucy out hacking.

Their first few rides provided lots of potential hurdles, but Lucy was extremelly well behaved. “I’ve passed tractors, bikes, a wagon, combine harvesters – she isn’t phased by anything.” A few more hacks sealed the deal for Lucy and Jane, “I feel like I never want to get off her.”

On completing her 1000 miles in a year, Jane says, “I’m very grateful to my amazing horses that have done this challenge with me. The last 13.2 miles I did on Macey my six-year-old homebred horse, which is the most miles I’ve ever done by myself with her. 

“I’m going to give the horses a few days off now and start the challenge again next week.”

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