Hack Ambassador Joanna Holland finishes her second 1000 miles, this time on three horses!

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Another year and another 1000 miles completed for Joanna Holland and her horses Rupert, Summer and Ruby. 

Clocking up the miles helped her bond with her new cob Rupert. “With every ride I fell more and more in love with Rupert, he is such a big hearted cob. He is never silly and listens to everything I ask of him. Maybe it’s just me as I am used to riding my spooky, very opinionated mare, but riding him compared to Summer is super easy! I just need to teach him to stand by the mounting block and get used to his bouncy canters!”

Summer’s winter ‘off’

Her horse Summer had to have a month and a half off to recover after an injury, and while she enjoyed her winter break with no shoes Joanna didn’t let her completely off the hook. 

Joanna took the chance to work on strengthening Summer’s back. “We started doing some long-reining and Summer seems to be even enjoying it a bit.” 

She also takes her out in-hand, which Joanna describes as interesting. She laughs, “she can be quite opinionated!”

Joanna Holland.jpg

Getting back in the saddle

Joanna took some time off herself after a knee injury and getting the flu, which led to problems with her breathing. She said, “After a month off riding I finally felt strong enough to saddle up and enjoy the beautiful weather. Rupert was like a tank, all he wanted to do was canter!”

Joanna added, “I am very lucky to have a husband that is so supportive. And he really loves all our furry babies.”

Despite the hurdles it sounds like Joanna is keen to carry on. She smiles, “It was a bumpy ride but so worth it. I definitely wouldn't be as confident a rider as I am now if I hadn't joined the campaign in 2017. Here's to another 1000 miles!”

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