“Hack 1000 Miles help me beat my depression” – 1000 miles in seven months for Alison, Burford and Penny

Alison Muir.jpg

Alison Muir and her horses Burford and Penny have completed their Hack 1000 miles challenge in just seven months.

“We started in October 2018 and just finished on 15 May. It was an excellent motivator to keep me ticking over through the winter,” says Alison.

They were fond fans of hacking before starting the challenge. “Burford loves his hacks. We enjoy every hack come rain or shine, and however small.

“My other horse Penny tags along occasionally as well and we usually meet others part of the way and carry on a bit further.” 

By the sounds of it Alison and Burford could, and do, go out hacking for hours on end. “One Friday Burford and I met up with two friends for the first hour and a half and then carried on on our own.

“It was a very relaxing ride apart from a couple of pigs popping out of a hedge. I didn't even realise we were out for four and a half hours!

“I always make sure to carry a drink and a snack (and of course an apple for Burford).”

Winter normally puts a dent in Alison’s hacking plans, but the challenge gave her the drive to keep going. “I suffer from seasonal affective disorder and depression in winter,” Alison explains.

“The idea of having a goal to work towards and some like-minded horsey people to share it with has made it so much more bearable.”

In February Alison got Penny out for her first solo hack, and Alison hopes that soon she’ll have a new hacking buddy, “Penny’s such a star, I’m so proud of her. I can’t wait for my daughter to start hacking with us.”

Of course Alison plans on continuing the challenge, “Now summer is here, I can’t wait to start it again. Thank you to all our hacking companions.”

Alison also hopes her next 1000 miles will include some horsey holidays, “I would love to do a long trek one day, such as the Pennine bridleway.”

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