Full time finance manager with two Arabs and a Welsh pony conquers the Hack 1000 miles challenge

claire seaward2.jpg

With a week to go, Claire Seaward and her two (and a half!) horses have completed Hack 1000 miles.

Claire has two Arabs, Tolly – who is now retired, and Khruga. She also has a Welsh pony called Whinnie who is learning to pull a cart.

This isn’t her first time doing Hack 1000 miles, Claire also did the challenge last year, “I thoroughly enjoyed taking part during the first year so had no hesitation signing up for a second year.”

With multiple horses to keep track of, Claire finds it best to be organised. “I have a spreadsheet as with three horses helping complete the challenge so I need a sure fire way of keeping it all up to date and accurate.” 

‘Hacking is my down time’

Claire works as a qualified accountant working as finance manager for a busy manufacturing company.

“I love to compete in dressage and jumping but with a stressful job hacking is my down time and if I could do nothing else, hacking would be the most important thing for me.  

“I mainly hack a lot by myself and in the dark in the winter, but I am lucky to not really ever have to go on a proper road.”

claire seaward.jpg

Third year in a row

Despite getting kicked last summer – which Claire is still receiving physio for – a horse without a saddle for a couple of months and one who decided to retire, the obstacles didn’t stop Claire and she’s already signed up for her third year. 

Claire says, “It will be interesting to see how I get on with one less horse to ride. This year I am hoping our miles will rack up not only in hand – I’ve also been teaching my pony to drive so have some exciting times ahead.

“I was training her over the winter, especially when I was saddle-less so did a lot of my miles in that time on foot. I’m looking forward to sitting in the cart and saving my legs a bit!”

She’s already kicked off her third year with a horse holiday to Thetford Forest and Holkham beach, so some miles are already in the bank.

Claire smiles, “Thank you Your Horse for creating this challenge and making hacking count – I’m also going to treat myself to a hoodie in celebration!”

Could you Hack 1000 Miles? Find out more about our fun, free, achievable challenge here.

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