First 2019 #Hack1000Miles challengers cross the finish line


After our official relaunch on 1 April, the first of this year’s challengers have hacked their 1000th mile. 

Julia Errington and her 21-year-old mare Honey, and Steve Downing and his 23-year-old mare Cobweb managed it in less than 18 weeks.  

steve downing2.jpg

“We could not have asked for a more magical day to complete our 1000 miles,” says Julia. “We finished our off road section on top of Church Hill which is one of my absolute favourite places. It was boiling hot but a there was a lovely breeze coming off the North Sea.”

Julia almost lost Honey to laminitis, but since then she has gone from strength to strength. “She’s coped no problem as we’ve increased the miles,” says Julia. “Honey is proof that there’s life after laminitisafter a lot of hard work.”

cobweb and honey.jpg

“This challenge has been a brilliant opportunity to get Cobweb trim and fit and give her the best chance of a happy and fulfilled life in the coming years,” adds Steve.

“Cobweb has suspected Cushings so we’ve taken it slow and steady but we are already reaping the rewards. I'm Visually Impaired, and Cobweb does a brilliant job of looking after me. 

“We do tons of beach riding involving lots of varied terrain, it’s great for the soul and keeping us fit too!”

Julia laughs, “I’d like to say I’ve lost some weight but I’ve eaten cake every day as compensation for the extra walking!

steve downing3.jpg

They posted plenty of pictures and videos of their adventures on the #Hack1000Miles Facebook group. “Since we joined Hack 1000 Miles I’m going places and trying things I thought I’d never be able to do again,” Julia adds. “I’ve loved this challenge and everyone’s positive attitudes on the Facebook group.”

And do they plan to continue the challenge? 
“Cobweb looked fresh as a daisy after our 1000thmile hack; the girls are certainly thriving on all this exercise,” says Steve. “We will carry on and complete the 52 weeks and see how many miles we clock up.”

Could you Hack 1000 Miles? Find out more about our fun, free, achievable challenge here.

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