'Even slow miles count': working mum of two celebrates hacking 1,000 miles

Mum of two Anne-Marie Cronin completed our #Hack1000Miles challenge in just under a year. She clocked the miles riding two horses: Badger and Duke.

“Badger is my horse and Duke is my children’s,” says Anne-Marie.  “When I got Badger, I decided I wanted to start clocking up the miles to try and aim for TREC. I saw #Hack1000Miles and I thought it would give me the motivation I needed to get going.”

Anne-Marie on Badger with daughter Emma on Duke

Anne-Marie on Badger with daughter Emma on Duke

A bumpy start

“I originally signed up in June 2017 but had to have my appendix removed, so I decided to restart in January 2018. 

“But then in the first few days I slipped on ice and damaged the ligaments in my knee.

“I still managed to get on to ride by mounting from the wrong side and just plodding along in walk.

“Every mile counts, even the slow ones,” she smiles. 

Fitting it all in

Anne-Marie fits in riding around her family and full-time job in accounting.

“I’ve got two children — Ciarán is 13 and Emma is seven — and I work in accounts five days a week.

“It is hard to fit everything in, but I made the most of the summer days by going for a hack at either 5:30 in the morning or nine at night.

“During darker mornings and evenings I was more confined to hacking around our property with a head torch. 

“I really enjoyed being able to head off on a summer’s evening and have some quiet time to think, listen to the birds and watch the wildlife. You can’t beat the peace.” 

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Hacking highlights

“My most memorable moment was taking my daughter Emma for her first ever hack on the lead-rein beside me. Her face lit up.

“She’s joining me this year to see how far we can hack together.”

Anne-Marie and Badger completed two TREC competitions in 2018.

“It was possible due to to the fitness we built from #hack1000miles. We loved it! We also had a go at Interdressage, where you compete by sending in a video in for your class to be watched by the judge rather than going to a venue and doing it live.

“Our best class is ‘happy hacker’ — I wonder why!”

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