Curtain weights sewn into rugs & 16.8mph gallops: Linda Gwynn finishes #hack1000miles

Linda Gwynn.ed.jpg

Linda Gwynn’s journey to pull off Hack 1000 Miles has been interesting to say the least. Despite two operations on her hands, fresh youngsters seeing red, and vehicles breaking down, she still achieved her target. 

“I couldn’t believe it when I added the mileage up!”

Linda has two horses: Billy and her youngster Jack. With plenty of picturesque hacks in her surrounding area it didn’t take long for the miles to begin to tally up.

Bumps in the road

After a speedy start Linda hit a few setbacks, some weather related (flooding and snow), and then medical. 

“I had to have a carpel tunnel operation on my right hand and six weeks after that my left hand.”

It meant Linda’s horses had a holiday, which certainly gave her five-year-old Jack a boost of energy. 

“The first time I took him out again he was fine starting off but the red mist descended over him on the return. He was in ‘go faster’ mode.  

“I managed to contain him until the last hill before home, then he took off up the lane. According to my tracking app we got up to 16.8mph, thank goodness it was grassy and thankfully my hand was OK.”

Stunning scenery

When her tow vehicle was out of action, Linda was limited to riding around home.

Fortunately she is lucky enough to have plenty of beautiful Welsh countryside on her doorstep so she took her two horses out at the same time, riding and leading. 

“I rode my younger horse Jack just in case anything happened, as Billy would just go for the grass. But they were both brilliant.”

One of her particular favourites is the Elan Valley Ride. “I have ridden many rides but this is definitely one to put on your bucket list.”

Getting crafty

Linda made her own fly repellent, hi viz reflective breastplate and added the hashtag #hack100miles to her polo shirt. 

“I had problems with my quarter sheet blowing about in the wind. I solved the problem by sewing curtain weights into the bottom.”

Linda confirmed she is going to carry on hacking and adding up the miles. 

“I’m going to carry on until my start date, April 18, to see how many miles I actually do in 12 months,” she said. 

“My own personal challenge was to complete it by Christmas, but then I wanted to get the last few miles before New Year.”

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