Clock up some #Hack1000miles for Brooke

Seven-year-old Lucy Rayner is taking on My Mini Hackathon on her pony Meric

Seven-year-old Lucy Rayner is taking on My Mini Hackathon on her pony Meric

Brooke’s MyHackathon, the fundraising challenge to ride 100 miles in 100 days to raise £100 for the charity, has already attracted almost 200 sign ups from around the U.K, as well as the U.S.A, Canada, Switzerland and France and it's not too late for you to join them too!

Sign up today and you can put 100 of your #Hack1000miles to good use - by raising money for Brooke as you hack.

Riders already taking part are taking to Instagram and Twitter sharing photos and videos using #MyHackathon. Also, MyHackthon’s sponsor, Trackener, has now launched their app on iOS with the Android version coming soon.  This helps horse and rider track their miles and measure how much they’ve gone at each gait.

Brooke supporters Anthea Turner and ambassador Richard Waygood have already leant their support to the campaign, as well as Polo player George Meyrick and rider Alanna Clark.

Brooke also has riders taking on MyMiniHackathon, for mini ponies who can’t stretch their legs to 100 miles but can walk 10 miles. One particularly inspiring fundraiser, Lucy Rayner, age 7, is taking on My Mini Hackathon. Lucy was born with a rare heart condition and has had to undergo two open heart operations, but has always loved riding. She’s doing the ride on her pony Meric and with her mum Catherine. Catherine said: “I’m very proud of Lucy and I’m looking forward to us doing this Mini Hackathon challenge together.”

MyHackathon is part of Brooke’s current campaign How The Other Horse Lives. Find out more and sign up for MyHackathon at