Clara the one-eyed Connemara finishes her second hack1000miles!

Emma Sylvester-Harris.jpg

Emma Sylvester-Harris and her mare Clara have finished the hack1000miles challenge for the second time running.

Last time they met their 1000 mile target with 13 days to spare. Emma smiles, “We did it with far more days to spare this year! It’s my second time doing this brilliant challenge. Clara and I love hacking – we do it alone, with friends, short ones, long ones, slow ones, fast ones, we love it all!”

One-eyed wonder

Clara had an intra ocular melanoma and had reduced vision in her right eye until it was removed at the end of 2016. Emma said, “She’s been fab and we’ve just carried on as normal.” 

A full Connemara by Dunlewy Go Charlie Go, Clara’s ‘posh’ name is Ciara of Cashelane. “Ciara was lost in translation,” laughs Emma, “But I think Clara suits her better too!”

Tactical dismount

Weather and overgrown tracks did hinder Emma and Clara somewhat, but they braved the rain and certainly weren’t afraid to take on low hanging branches. Emma did sometimes have to dismount to fit under them though! 

We are family

A few of her rides featured appearances from her daughter and husband. 

Emma said, “My husband hadn’t ridden for five years and has had balance issues since his MS diagnosis. He was fab and so was Marbs who we borrowed. Even managed a cheeky little canter up the field.

“Now he likes to get out a couple of times a year and keep his hand in. He’s also great at mucking out!”

Commenting on her second time round, Emma said, “It’s interesting as I actually thought I rode more last year!” 

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