Carrots for Lady and a glass of bubbly for Danielle as they cross the #hack1000miles finish line!

danielle Rowes.jpg

Danielle Rowles and her lovely horses Lady and Blackie have finished their #hack1000miles in 10 months and three days, despite Danielle breaking her thumb.

“I started this challenge to make myself put on my brave pants and hack my young girl, Lady, on her own. She was just a few months off turning six when we started and this was her big year for getting out. I’m so proud of her!”

New skills

Lady found her flying feet with front shoes on and Danielle had to rediscover where the breaks were when cantering! After a couple of months and lots of practice Lady also mastered gates. Danielle said, “I’m lucky not to have too many gates so I made sure to do the few routes that do, and the hard work paid off.” 

Hacking solo

Having not done much hacking on her own with Lady, Danielle spent a couple of months hacking her up the road to meet with a friend, then going for a ride in company and hacking the last little bit back to the yard alone. 

Danielle added, “I think it really helped us both.

“I’ve set myself the goal to take Lady by herself to do the 15 mile High Peak Trail on the 15th June.”

She’s also started a mammoth journey with Lady from Woodhouse (Leicestershire) to Lake Windermere in the Lake District, which she is doing along with fellow #hack1000miler Tracy Clarke.

Danielle smiles, “I love the friendships that this group has created, me and Tracy have hardly known each other four months and we’ve already got a great year planned, it’s just what horses should be all about.”

In celebration of crossing the finish line Lady was treated to a bucket of feed with carrots, parsnips and mints to top it off! As for Danielle, she enjoyed a well-deserved glass of bubbly!

“I’m so looking forward to the next 1000, I’ve printed off two sheets so I can track Blackie and Lady’s miles separately, I’m sure Lady will be ‘miles’ ahead though!” Danielle laughs.

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