“I’m aiming for 2,000 miles!” — another rider crosses the #Hack1000Miles finish line

Congratulations to Camilla Mascall for completing #Hack1000Miles!

camilla mascall.jpg

Camilla took on Your Horse magazine’s challenge to Hack 1,000 Miles after successfully hacking for 1,000 hours Western-style.

“That was with the Western Equestrian Society and then with the American Quarter Horse Association UK,” says Camilla. “So I thought I’d give #hack1000miles a go.” 

Camilla’s team  

Camilla rode three horses to complete the challenge. Sundance, a 19-year-old who recently retired from endurance; Ayanna, a 10-year-old part-bred Arab who contests advanced endurance races and is Western trained; and Star, who Camilla backed and started riding during the challenge.

“Taking Star on her first hack was a particularly memorable moment for me,” says Camilla, who admits there were a couple of hiccups along the way.  

“Ayanna tied up at an endurance ride in May and she needed quite a bit of rest time,” recalls Camilla. “She also used to buck a lot when excited, but luckily schooling has sorted that.”  

Camilla adds that #hack1000miles has helped her learn a lot about herself and her horse.

“I found that my mood had a direct effect on my horse. If I was tense, then my horse was; if I was relaxed then he was too.”

How she did it

Camilla completed #Hack1000Miles in just under 6 months. She has decided to challenge herself even more next year.

“I will start again in 2019 and I’m aiming for 2,000 miles,” she smiles. 

Camilla’s technique to pulling off the full 1,000 involved breaking the distance down into manageable chunks.

“One thousand miles is very daunting,” she says. “Start with 100 and build up.

“I also enjoyed seeing what everyone else was doing and where they were riding on the Facebook group.” 

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