Benefits of fun rides


These rides are all about one thing – fun. If you haven’t been on a fun ride before, you’re missing out.

Mile upon mile of glorious off-road riding in an area you’ve probably not explored before, a range of (optional) fences to fly over, and a couple of hours having a brilliant time with your friends.

Rides cover a range of distances, normally between five and 20 miles, although there’s often a choice of shorter and longer routes, with optional jumps along the way.

  • They’re a great confidence booster for riders and horses who prefer company, with no pressure to jump and going at whatever speed you feel comfortable.

  • Ideal for socialising a young horse and letting him experience riding with company and in open areas.

  • It’s a perfect excuse to catch up with horsey friends from further afield.

  • They’re suitable for a whole range of abilities and ages (both of horses and riders).

  • You explore a new area and meet new people.

  • They provide an opportunity to socialise a young horse.

  • You ride around estates and courses that wouldn’t otherwise be open to horse riders.

  • Often your entrance fee goes towards a well-deserving charity. Some rides also encourage participants to fundraise.

  • You clock up miles for #Hack1000Miles!

Most fun rides are advertised in tack shops, Facebook and online. They’re organised by riding clubs, local hunts and charities, so keep an eye out for one near you.

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