Awesome work #Hack1000milers!

The weather has posed a few challenges this week but you guys have not let it stop you in your #Hack1000miles challenge effort. Here we’ve got a few shout outs for people who’ve been impressing in the last two weeks…

Sophie Joy signed up to #Hack1000miles last week and despite being unsure that she’ll manage to the full distance she’s going for it! On our #Hack1000miles Facebook group page she said:

“I've just joined the Hack 1000 Miles challenge (I'm dubious we can manage that distance) but although I've had my NF for six years, we've had our *ahem* challenging times (I seriously considered retiring him as a 7/8 year old) just to be in a position to have something to aim for is a nice feeling. We've only completed about 10 miles so far, but I thought we'd say 'hi' and share a photo from last night's hack.”

HI Sophie and welcome aboard! We were pleased to see some fellow hackers quickly jump in and offer support and we can’t wait to see how Sophie gets on, just like we can’t wait to see how Linda Wilmer gets on with her ‘little monster’…

She said: “Only just signed up yesterday so got a bit of catching up to do. I was wondering if it is 1000 miles per horse or per rider and also if my minis walks out would count as I obviously can't ride the little monster.”

This challenge is per rider and we appreciate that 1000 miles for any minis is a bit of a stretch (literally!). So if you want to add your mini in-hand waking miles to your total Linda, you go for it!

And finally, today’s last shout out goes to Louise Horwood who’s started her #Hack1000miles challenge with her horse and…donkey! She’s leading her donkey on her #Hack1000mile hacks and we are super impressed.

If you’ve not yet found our #Hack1000Miles Facebook Group, why not check it out? You’ll meet load of awesome people like Sophie, Linda and Louise and you might find yourself on here getting a shout out too.