Another fab finisher crosses the 1000 mile mark


Elaine Rannie has walked, trotted, tölted, cantered and paced her way through her second #Hack1000miles challenge. Last year she finished in a speedy 32 weeks, but this time she managed to smash her previous record and reach 1000 miles in just 26 weeks.


“I set myself a target to improve,” says Elaine. “I love to ride and enjoy nothing better then getting out on the trail on one of my three amigos – my nickname for my three Icelandic horses Sara, 19, Moðnir, 11 and Orka, 9.”

Aside from a week off when Elaine attended the Icelandic horse World Championships in Berlin, she kept her three Icelandic horses rather busy, clocking up even more miles by doing EGB pleasure rides on her older mare Sara, which both Elaine and Sara loved.

Milestone moments were 14 miles spent having fun in the stubble with each of her three horses, which certainly tired Elaine out let alone the Icelandics!

Elaine also tackled 13 miles of the Waskerley Way in August, “We’d planned to do the full 19 miles but it was just too hot.”

Her youngest amigo Orka also took her first solo trip to the coast. “We did a steady 10 miles and Orka took everything in her stride. I love how this challenge has made my horses feel so happy and healthy.”

In addition to her three Icelandic horses, Elaine went on a horsey adventure in Iceland, spending five days riding across the beautiful scenery. “It was incredible, 22 riders and 50 horses covering 175km.”

On why she decided to take up the challenge for a second time Elaine says, “I decided to do it again as I find the Facebook group one of the friendliest and supportive online.

“I am motivated to ride anyway but I would encourage people to sign up as there’s a great online community and I’ve actually met up with some fellow riders in person and made some great new friends.”

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