Always be prepared when hacking


Our #Hack1000Miles challengers would make great scouts and guides – they always seem to be prepared! 

Elaine Bosy recently had a broken girth while out on a hack and had do to an emergency repair, so asked her fellow challengers what emergency items they have on them while they’re out and about, and whether they’ve ever needed something in an emergency that they haven’t had with them whilst out on a hack.

We thought it was a good chance to share their advice, as unexpected things such as broken girths can after all happen to anyone.

I have shoelaces on my saddle, they came in handy as a dog lead once but I don’t know how helpful they’d have been at piecing together broken tack. 
Terrin Mitchell

I always carry baler twine and a penknife.
Laureen Roberts

I once had a bit that broke in half, fortunately we managed to lead the horse home without a bit.
Lindsey Robinson

Hoof pick, for huge stones which wedge in your horse’s hoof.
Alex Mann

I'm like the fourth emergency service these days, I’m always carrying a folding hoofpick and some twine, a knife and a flymask.
Issy Wickland

I have a lead rein clipped on my saddle. It’s really there in case I need to lead Solly but a couple of months ago we broke a rein and could use the rope instead to get us home.
Sam Bateman

Baler twine, penknife, folding hoof pick, phone, cash and my glasses
Joanna Tinsley

Folding hoof pick, some cash, folding secateurs, lip balm, small pot of antiseptic hand gel (useful for cuts, etc), small laminated card containing my horse’s details in case we get separated. All in a small pouch hanging from the saddle, which is attached with a small carabina clip and strapped down with the Velcro strap on my saddlecloth to stop it bouncing around. 
Sharon Weetman

Black electrical tape and baler twine will fix anything.
Jan Tucker 

I have a lead rope clipped onto my girl’s noseband (there's a ring on it as it's an endurance one) and tied round her neck. It’s good for tying up, leading through water etc as I hate leading off the bit, or as a spare rein in the event of an incident.
Julie Nilsson

When I did the Mary Townley Loop I had gaffer tape with me, zip ties would be another good one.
Liz Roskell

I use clip on rope reins with a Micklem bridle, you can lead from the front ring and tie up.
I also use a sheepskin girth cover with good elastic straps that could do a girth repair. Another precaution I take is I always leave instructions as to how to get my trailer out, in case I need collecting.
Michelle Pee

I take a flexible splint, as recommended by an A&E consultant. It’s useful for horse or rider, lightweight and same size as a cohesive bandage. I also have a hacking saddle pad with pockets (Decathlon) so I keep my first aid kit in there.
Kay Bruce

I once made a bridle out of a dog lead.
Carol Stuart

Another vote for hoof pick, I was out hacking a few weeks ago and a huge sharp stone wedged between my mare’s hoof and frog. She immediately came up lame, I couldn’t shift the stone with my hands and had to run to a local house with stables to borrow a pick. Now I keep a folding one in my high viz pocket and feel stupid for ever having hacked without one.
Emily Latham

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