70-year-old grandparent and RDA teacher Pamela Bartrip reaches 1000 miles!

pamela bartrip.jpg

Pamela and her horse Nutmeg achieved their 1000 miles in 10 months (nine if you take out the holidays!) She teaches at RDA and enjoys a cuppa after a hack out.

Pamela was lucky enough to have plenty of company on her adventures, including riding out with her daughter-in-law. She particularly enjoys going out on the tracks around her local country park.

“Nutmeg is much more forward going in company and really enjoys her canters.” Little Nutmeg does struggle to keep up with some of her bigger friends though, sometimes having to do a collected canter with the 17hh horses!

Pamela’s new lorry also widened her horizons, allowing her to catch up with an old friend. “The ponies had not seen each other for a few weeks and it was so nice seeing them greet each other. We did a lovely five miles along quiet roads, with two long canters on a bridleway and in the country park. Then back for tea and biscuits!”

New arrivals

While tracking her miles for #hack1000miles Pamela had the exciting arrival of her new grandson, Asher. “I spent the morning waiting at the hospital and we took lots of photos! Later I went for a ride with two friends. It was a lovely evening after a lovely day, and another 5.5 miles to add!”

Annnd action!

Inspired by Mike Mills’ directing skills Pamela had a go at making videos of her rides. She said, “I got better at editing the videos and found out how to lower the volume. Then I had to figure out how to add music!”  

Pamela managed to get a picture of the momentous 1000-mile point, catching her daughter-in-law on her way home. “I wasn't sure I would finish that week as Nutmeg had a bad reaction to the flu/tetanus vaccine so I had to wait until she was feeling better.”

And does she plan to take up the challenge again?

Pamela smiles, “I am going to do it again this year and will start when I get back from holiday. Not bad for 70. Despite what my children think it is a great way to keep fit.”

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