18 legs, 10 eyes, four sets of furry ears and one jockey – Lu Crawford crosses the finish line to #Hack1000miles

Lu Luan.jpg

Luan Crawford is a mum of two and works at a dog grooming parlour. She fits exercising her four horses around school runs, work and life admin. She also has two retired horses to look after! 

Lu completed the challenge with Cataño her big Spanish bay, Merkur and Bjort the Icelandic horses, and Florrie the cob, often doing multiple rides a day. 

She is a regular hacking buddy with Kelly Hudson, and also doubles up as photographer and videographer extraordinaire on these occasions. 

Riding out the storm in style

The winter proved no problem with her Icelandics in their element. But it did mean Lu had to suffer through frozen fingers and toes. “It’s amazing what this challenge does to people – if it was my last chance in the month to add my miles on, I donned the waterproofs and braved the winds!”

There was no Christmas holiday for her horses either, Lu and Kelly donned tinsel and their horses sported matching Santa hats on Christmas Eve, with festive outfits on show on Boxing Day too!

“We also had our annual new year hack about with the Icelandic’s. They really are a fabulous breed.”

Boosting confidence

Her new year horsey resolutions included hacking solo across the main A road near her stables with her youngster, which she achieved in record speed on January 2. 

“We have done this ride 10,000 times over the past two years but always with company. It was a spur of the moment decision, we got to the main road junction where I would normally turn around and come home, but the road was deserted so we kicked on and did it!”

Lu also gained the confidence to pop over a few jumps while out hacking and even dealt with meeting a fire engine. 

“They were kind enough to turn the siren off when they saw us, but it was daunting to have the flashing lights hot on our heels.” 

Fortunately her Spaniard Cataño kept calm, “He was such a dude, listened and did what I asked to manoeuvre out of the way.”

“What amazing motivation it has been, and such a confidence boosting challenge. I will carry on adding the miles!” Lu smiles.

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