Top Zop plaiting comb


Used by: Allison Lowther

Used for: 1 year

This clever gadget makes plaiting up so much easier. I've also found that I'm plaiting up much quicker since using this comb, just because I have everything to hand. 

This comb does three jobs for you: 

1. The comb can be used to get rid of any knots in the mane, but it's also a measure for each plait, so you can section the mane easily to ensure each of your plaits is the same size. 

2. There's a clip, which keeps your horse's mane out of the way while you're busy plaiting. 

3. Even your plaiting bands are to hand, thanks to the band holder incorporated into the handle of the comb. 

This is such a useful tool. It's lightweight and easy to use and for under £10 I highly recommend it. 

Price £9.95*

* price correct at time of publishing

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Haas brushes review

Haas bay/chestnut brushes

The team at online retailer Eqclusive has put together several sets of Haas brushes to suit different coat colours.

Your Horse Gear Guide editor Allison Lowther put the set for bay or chestnut horses to the test. Here's her verdict:

The haas brushes

The brushes are well made and are all I need to keep my mare Wish’s coat clean and shiny.

Each of the brushes in the set has a specific job to do and every pack comes with advice on what order to use the brushes so you get the best results.

You use the Millitary brush for removing dirt, which it does easily, followed by the Cavalier brush to clean the top of the coat.

To complete the look and to really produce an amazing shine there’s the Coat Gloss brush and the super soft Diva Exclusive, which uses sheepskin to polish the coat.

I’ve been using these brushes for five months and Wish’s coat looks great and with minimum effort. I no longer need to use hard dandy brushes to get rid of mud, the Millitary brush does this for me. They even remove most stains from her white socks too.

They may be a little more expensive than other brushes, but my grooming kit only consists of these three brushes and a mane and tail comb, that’s all I need.

Price*: £82

* At time of publishing 

Show Proof Equine grooming products

Your Horse's coat will be in tip-top condition thanks to the range of grooming products from Show Proof Equine.

Show Proof grooming products

This small but perfectly formed collection has everything you need to ensure your horse is looking his best - ideal for those last minute finishing touches before you enter the competition ring.

There's a glossifier, through touch-up sprays, a hoof scary and a footsore spray. 

Show Proof Glossifier has been designed to product a natural shine to your horse's coat, mane and tail. It's also does a great job at detangling your horse's mane and tail.  

Its effects last for days, repelling dust and dirt, helping to cut down on grooming time. 

Show Proof Hoof Spray is a clear spry and is like a nail varnish for your horse's hooves. It leaves a shiny coating to enhance his natural hoof colour.

Show Proof Touch Up Sprays are available in black, brown or white. You can use them to hide scars, bald patches and stains.

Show Proof Footcare spray. It's bright colour shows you where you've applied it and ensures you're getting it just where it's needed.

Price From £12.50 for 400ml

Brush Therapy

Brush Therapy from Shadow Horse

Now's the perfect time to give your grooming kit a bit of TLC with the help of Brush Therapy from Shadow Horse.

Brush Therapy offers effective and easy cleaning in minutes. The powder dissolves in warm water, whisking away deep down dirt and grime from brush bristles and combs so thoroughly that they look like new. Brushes will be stripped of debris, bacteria, and fungi while trapped hairs will loosen and be easily combed out.

Brush Therapy powder comes in an easy to use sachet that contains enough to clean about six to eight brushes.  Simply rinse your cleaned grooming kit with clean water and spread your brushes out on a clean towel in the sun to drain and dry before using them.

Brush Therapy effervescent brush cleaner from Shadow Horse is £4* per sachet.

Available from

NAF Plait it Up

NAF Plait it Up

Using a plaiting spray gives you a helping hand so you can achieve neat and tidy plaits.

NAF Plait it Up was voted our winner in a recent review of plating sprays in Your Horse magazine. 

The team from Tim and Antonia Browns yard in Northamptonshire used the product and you can read their review below.

The spray nozzle on this product is easily directed just where you need it and very little was needed to get a good result.

Your Horse test winner logo

The product left the mane feeling tacky which makes it easy to produce good plaits that stayed securely in place all day. Any stray hairs were also held neatly in place. 

As only a couple of sprays is needed for each plait the bottle will last quite a while, making it excellent value and our testers highly recommended it. 

Price £9.99 for 500ml

To find your nearest stockist, visit





Botanica Herbal products

Your Horse reader, Sara McComb has been using the range of natural products from Botanica for two years. Read her review below to find out why Sara recommends these products are a must for every tack room. 

Sara McComb swears by the range of Botanica products

Sara McComb swears by the range of Botanica products

I totally love and couldn't manage without the range of products from Botanica. This Herbal range contains a combination of Aloe Vera, Tea Tree Oil, Comfrey and Oil of Lavender, making them anti-septic, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial. 

The Botanica wash and cream are totally amazing. I use them on my horses, dogs, sheep and even myself and for such a variety of things. The wash cleans my horses coats, it's natural and herbal and it helps heal and sores. The flies hate it and it smells fantastic. 

The cream is my absolute favourite (usually used after the wash) it heals and soothes so many skin problems, from bruises, cuts and grazes, to mallanders, and bites (on both me and my horses). It even works wonders on cracked, sore skin and sunburn.

The multi-purpose spray helps to keep your horse's coat looking great. It seems to repel dust and dirt leaving a shiny and sleek coat. It also repels flies. 

Since discovering Botanica I haven't needed loads of lotions and potions and a great side effect is when I apply it to my horse, I get it on my hands leaving them soft and moisturised. Botanica is my must have product in the yard now (and in the house).

I'd give Botanica a 10/10 


Cleansing Wash £55.99 for 5 litres

Herbal cream £29.99 for 500ml tub

5-in-1 Multi-Purpose spray £12.99 for 750ml



Five of the best whitening shampoos

Whether you own a grey horse, or a horse with white markings, keeping his white bits white can be a full-time job. Using a shampoo designed for greys can help banish grass stains and other grubby marks quickly and effectively. 

A team of grey horse owners put a selection of grey shampoos to the test.  Here's their reviews of their favourite five.  

NAF show off.JPG

NAF Show Off

This shampoo offers a deep clean so your horse will shine. It's suitable for all coat colours not just greys and the results are dazzling. As you use it, you can see the dirt lifting out and with very little effort. Very little shampoo was needed to tackle even stubborn stains. Once dry your horse's coat will feel clean soft, and his white bits will shine. 

Price £7.99 for 500ml*

To find your nearest stockist visit

Hawkins Organic Blanc Canvas

Hawkins Organic Blanc Canvas

This whitening shampoo gently removes dirt and stains, leaving your horse's coat clean and white. It's made from all natural ingredients and is extremely effective at removing stains. A little extra shampoo was needed to removed some stubborn stains, but it rinsed out quickly and easily. It's pH balanced and contains only natural ingredients with no nasty chemicals making it perfect for sensitive skin. 

Price £9.95 for 500ml*

Order online at

White Pearl

Your and Your Horse White Pearl

A clear shampoo that's easy to use and lifted light stains quickly and easily. Older stains on the wither and hock needed some additional shampoo to shift them. This shampoo took very little rinsing and once dry the horse's coat felt soft and looked really clean. A little goes a long way with this shampoo, so don't be put off by the price.

Price £17 for 1 litre*

Order online at

Cavlor NorPlus

Cavalor NorPlus

This shampoo needs diluting in warm water before getting to work on your horse's coat. the shampoo feels quite oily, but mixed well with the water to produce an easy to apply solution. You can see the dirt lifting from your horse's coat as you massage it in - very little effort was needed to get food results. Once dry your horse's coat will look super white and feel soft. It may look like this shampoo is expensive, but if you follow the manufacturer's instructions it works out that one tub will make nearly 24 buckets at a cost of £1.40 per wash. 

Price £17 for 475ml*

To find your nearest stockist visit

GA ultra white.JPG

Groom Away Ultra-White shampoo

A little goes a long way with this shampoo, although you may find you need a bit more shampoo to get rid of old, or stubborn stains. It doesn't produce a huge amount of lather, but you can see the dirt coming to the surface as you work the shampoo into the coat. It rinses out easily leaving the coat soft to touch and clean. 

Price £5.99 for 400ml*

For more information visit

*prices correct at the time of publishing




Heiniger Saphir

Heiniger Saphir trimmers

Used by: YH associate editor, Allison Lowther

Used for: 12 months

This is a powerful set of trimmers that coped well with thinner hair on the face and slightly thicker hair my horse's legs. They are a little longer in the body than other trimmers I've used, which made them a little tricky to use on those awkward areas, but the overall finish as good. 

They were easy to hold and there's was very little vibration. A fully charged battery gives you around 50 minutes of trimming time. The batteries also charge really quickly (45mins). 

These trimmers aren't the cheapest, but they've performed really well and the more I've used them, the more I like them. If you're looking for a good quality trimmer that copes with a variety of different hair thickness, these are worth considering. 

Price £239.85*

*price correct at time of publishing

Lister Tempo trimmers

Used by: YH associate editor, Allison Lowther

Used for: 12 months

Lister Tempo trimmers

These lightweight trimmer have a short, wide body that made them comfortable to hold and use. I particularly like the position of the on/off switch which is on the side of the trimmers, so there's no danger of accidentally knocking it. 

There's was very little vibration and they're quiet too. They trimmed well, leaving a neat finish even in those hard to reach places. 

I really like these trimmers and with 60 minutes of trimming time on a full charge you'll easily have your horse looking neat and tidy. 

Price £78*

*price correct at time of publishing


Noble Outfitters Equine Essential Tote

Tested by: Your Horse Gear Guide Editor, Allison Lowther

This robust and smart looking bag keeps all your grooming kit neat and tidy.

As well as providing plenty of room to store all your grooming brushes, it’s also the perfect size and shape to store other bits and pieces such as fly repellent, detangler etc.

The mesh bottom means the majority of dirt and hair falls out helping to keep your brushes cleaner.

Price*: £39.95


*Price at time of publishing - April 2016


Noble Outfitters Equine Essential Tote

Hawkins Organic Buck Off fly repellent - spray and gel

Tested by: Your Horse Gear Guide Editor, Allison Lowther

I started using this fly repellent last summer (2015) and I’ve was really pleased with the results.

You can buy the spray or gel, or both. I personally like to buy both and to use them together. I use the liquid on my horses' bodies and the gel for around the eyes, ears and other hard to reach areas. The gel is a good option if your horse isn't a fan of sprays.

Both the spray and gel are very effective, plus using only natural ingredients they're good to the environment and your horse's skin.

I've watched both of my horses carefully when out in the field with this product applied and they both seemed to be less bothered by flies. On really warm days I may need to apply it during the day, but I’d definitely recommend it.

A little seems to go a long way making it cost effective to use too.

Price*: £14.95 for 1 litre (Spray), £12.95 for 300ml (gel)

*Price at time of publishing - April 2016

Hawkins Organic Buck Off fly repellent - gel and spray

Noble Outfitters hoofpick

I never thought I’d be recommending a hoof pick, but this particular one has made the daily task of picking out my horse's feet quicker and more effective.

The well-shaped handle make the hoof pick easy to use and the shape of the pick is just perfect.

Noble Outfitters hoof pick

It makes removing dirt effortless, even down the clefts. In fact, my horse Jester has very deep clefts making him a little prone to thrush and since using this hoofpick I'm able to clean his hooves much more effectively. What's more, Jester hasn't had thrush for months now - nothing else in his routine has changed making think that using this hoof pick has helped.

Well worth paying the extra money for- I can't rate it highly enough and it's tricky to explain how well this works - you've got to try it (I can't believe I'm so excited about a hoof pick!).

Price*: £7.95

*Price at time of publishing - April 2016

Absorbine Show Sheen

Tested by: Your Horse Gear Guide Editor, Allison Lowther

This product is a coat shine and detangler in one bottle.

It has a fresh, clean spray which I like and the spray itself gives good coverage over the coat and tail.

It effectively keeps dust off the coat for around five to six days and also helps to keep tails in good condition. A few days after application it may not keep all the knots out of the tail it still leaves the hair silky enough so that any knots are quickly and easily removed with a brush.

A great product that leaves the hair feeling soft and tangle-free.

Price*: £13.23 for 950ml

*Price at time of publishing - April 2016

Absorbine Show Sheen