Heiniger Saphir

Heiniger Saphir trimmers

Used by: YH associate editor, Allison Lowther

Used for: 12 months

This is a powerful set of trimmers that coped well with thinner hair on the face and slightly thicker hair my horse's legs. They are a little longer in the body than other trimmers I've used, which made them a little tricky to use on those awkward areas, but the overall finish as good. 

They were easy to hold and there's was very little vibration. A fully charged battery gives you around 50 minutes of trimming time. The batteries also charge really quickly (45mins). 

These trimmers aren't the cheapest, but they've performed really well and the more I've used them, the more I like them. If you're looking for a good quality trimmer that copes with a variety of different hair thickness, these are worth considering. 

Price £239.85*

*price correct at time of publishing