Fly repellents - 5 of the best put to the test

Applying a fly repellent should keep these pests away

Applying a fly repellent should keep these pests away

As you're basking in hot sunshine, your horse may not be feeling quite so comfortable as he's constantly trying to keep pesky flies at bay. 

Flies are a real nuisance and extremely annoying. 

Using a fly repellent can help to ease the problem, but which work the best?

Our testers review five of the best available.

Carr & Day & Martin Flyguard Extra Strength

Flygard Extra.jpg

The unique spray on this bottle is amazing - it produces a really fine mist that gives brilliant coverage and a little goes a long way. 

This is a powerful insect repellent and it has quite a strong smell that lingers. It uses DEET and flies do seem to stay away when the horses are wearing it. 

This is one of the more expensive fly repellents out there, but it's pretty effective and the bottle does seem to last longer than some of the others available. 

RRP £16.75* for 500ml



This is quite a large bottle and when full, quite heavy to hold and use. The spray covers the coat well, but it did leave greasy streaks on the horse's coat. 

This repellent works really well and was only applied once a day and the horses still seem happy and content well into the afternoon. The strong smell was slightly off-putting, but effective.

The bottle lasts well - it contains 750ml rather than the usual 500ml, so it's good value for money.

RRP £17.50* for 750ml

For stockists

 Fly Away Max Strength fly repellent

Fly Away max strength.jpg

Quick and easy to use, the spray on this bottle is powerful and produces a fine mist that cover the coat really well. 

Once applied in the morning, it lasted all day without losing its effectiveness. 

It have a nice natural smell to it too. As well as leaving the horse's coat feeling soft and with a health shine. 

Not the cheapest available, but it's effective and the bottle lasts well.

RRP £15.75* for 500ml

For stockists

Botanica Fly Spray

Botanica Fly Spray.jpg

This is a plant-based spray using only natural ingredients. The spray gives an even coverage in just a few squirts and leaves no visible residue on the coat.

It was effective but you have to apply a generous amount over the whole of your horse for it to work at its best. 

Good value and definitely one to use if your horse has sensitive skin.

RRP £14.99* for 750ml


Hawkins Organic Buck Off


You won't go far wrong with this fly repellent. It has a pleasant smell and a big plus point is that it's made from natural ingredients. 

You get the best results if you apply a good amount over your horse's body.

Even a horse with really sensitive skin was happy to be sprayed with this repellent and its effects lasted well into the afternoon.

This fly repellent comes highly recommended and it's good to environment too. 

RRP £14.95* for 1 litre

*prices correct at time of publishing

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