Botanica Herbal products

Your Horse reader, Sara McComb has been using the range of natural products from Botanica for two years. Read her review below to find out why Sara recommends these products are a must for every tack room. 

Sara McComb swears by the range of Botanica products

Sara McComb swears by the range of Botanica products

I totally love and couldn't manage without the range of products from Botanica. This Herbal range contains a combination of Aloe Vera, Tea Tree Oil, Comfrey and Oil of Lavender, making them anti-septic, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial. 

The Botanica wash and cream are totally amazing. I use them on my horses, dogs, sheep and even myself and for such a variety of things. The wash cleans my horses coats, it's natural and herbal and it helps heal and sores. The flies hate it and it smells fantastic. 

The cream is my absolute favourite (usually used after the wash) it heals and soothes so many skin problems, from bruises, cuts and grazes, to mallanders, and bites (on both me and my horses). It even works wonders on cracked, sore skin and sunburn.

The multi-purpose spray helps to keep your horse's coat looking great. It seems to repel dust and dirt leaving a shiny and sleek coat. It also repels flies. 

Since discovering Botanica I haven't needed loads of lotions and potions and a great side effect is when I apply it to my horse, I get it on my hands leaving them soft and moisturised. Botanica is my must have product in the yard now (and in the house).

I'd give Botanica a 10/10 


Cleansing Wash £55.99 for 5 litres

Herbal cream £29.99 for 500ml tub

5-in-1 Multi-Purpose spray £12.99 for 750ml