Best In Show – organic apple and mint shampoo review


Used by Allison Lowther

Used for three years

The first thing that strikes you when you take the lid off this shampoo is the amazing smell. Having used it regularly all-year-round on my two horses for the last three years, it’s now my favourite shampoo to use and I always make sure I never run out.

Apart from its lovely fresh fragrance, it’s the fact it’s 100% natural and chemical free that’s really appealing. There are no nasties that are going to irritate you, your horse or the enviroment.

A little goes along way, but it's great a getting rid of dirt

A little goes along way, but it's great a getting rid of dirt

Now, don’t be put off if you think this shampoo won’t do a good job because it contains only natural ingredients. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed – this little bottle of shampoo packs a punch and does a great job at removing dirt and grease from your horse’s coat, mane and tail.

The mint and apple essential oils are renowned for their antibacterial and cleansing properties and they do just that to leave your horse’s coat clean and shiny.

One my horses is particularly sensitive and when I’ve used other shampoos even with lots of rinsing, she’s been left itchy and irritated after bathing. Thankfully, I don’t have to worry anymore and she’s happier too. There’s no longer any hint of itching her tail or legs after having a bath.

I’m always impressed with how well this shampoo works and you don’t’ need much of it to get great results. Don’t’ expect to see lots of bubbles, but it lathers up well and is easy to massage into the coat.

Also, it is much easier and quicker to rinse out, which helps to save time and effort.

It may be a little more expensive than others, but in my opinion it’s worth every penny. It’s economical to use and does a great job.

Plus, don’t forget the amazing fresh, clean smell, which lingers for days!

£9.95 for 500ml*

*price correct at time of publishing

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