Five of the best barrier creams

At this time of year it can be a full-time battle keeping mud fever at bay. The key to stopping it is to protect your horse’s skin from the wet and mud. Applying a barrier cream to his legs before daily turnout can really help. Here, we’ve selected five of the best.


NAF Mud Gard Barrier Cream

NAF Love the Skin He’s In Mud Gard Barrier Cream

Price £12.50 for 1.25kg *

A nourishing barrier cream that will help protect your horse’s skin from the wet and mud. It contains MSM to support healthy skin and hair growth, as well as rosemary to soothe sore skin.

Netted Muddy Marvel Barrier Cream


Nettex Muddy Marvel Barrier Cream

Price £8.15 for 300ml *

This antibacterial and moisturising cream will keep your horse’s skin health and protect from the wet.

Aromaheel Aromesse

Equinat Aromaheel Mud & Wet Ointment

Price £16.95 for 200g *

Made from natural ingredients known for their antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. This ointment works as a barrier, softens scabs and soothes skin.

Cavalor MudDoc

Cavalor MudDoc

Price £50 for 400ml

Aloe vera and lavender oil help to eliminate bacteria and protect your horse’s skin.

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Equimins Mud Block Cream

Equimins Mud Block Cream

£8.90 for 500g *

A range of ingredients including tea tree oil and lavender oil help to support your horse’s skin and keep it healthy.


* Prices correct at time of publishing