Noble Outfitters hoofpick

I never thought I’d be recommending a hoof pick, but this particular one has made the daily task of picking out my horse's feet quicker and more effective.

The well-shaped handle make the hoof pick easy to use and the shape of the pick is just perfect.

Noble Outfitters hoof pick

It makes removing dirt effortless, even down the clefts. In fact, my horse Jester has very deep clefts making him a little prone to thrush and since using this hoofpick I'm able to clean his hooves much more effectively. What's more, Jester hasn't had thrush for months now - nothing else in his routine has changed making think that using this hoof pick has helped.

Well worth paying the extra money for- I can't rate it highly enough and it's tricky to explain how well this works - you've got to try it (I can't believe I'm so excited about a hoof pick!).

Price*: £7.95

*Price at time of publishing - April 2016