Hawkins Organic Buck Off fly repellent - spray and gel

Tested by: Your Horse Gear Guide Editor, Allison Lowther

I started using this fly repellent last summer (2015) and I’ve was really pleased with the results.

You can buy the spray or gel, or both. I personally like to buy both and to use them together. I use the liquid on my horses' bodies and the gel for around the eyes, ears and other hard to reach areas. The gel is a good option if your horse isn't a fan of sprays.

Both the spray and gel are very effective, plus using only natural ingredients they're good to the environment and your horse's skin.

I've watched both of my horses carefully when out in the field with this product applied and they both seemed to be less bothered by flies. On really warm days I may need to apply it during the day, but I’d definitely recommend it.

A little seems to go a long way making it cost effective to use too.

Price*: £14.95 for 1 litre (Spray), £12.95 for 300ml (gel)


*Price at time of publishing - April 2016

Hawkins Organic Buck Off fly repellent - gel and spray