The Power of Feeling Confident: A book for horse riders

Stuck for a gift, or do you struggle with your confidence around horses? This book might just be what you're looking for to give you those first few nuggets of confidence back. 

Reviewed by Your Horse Writer Stacey Carter

If you've ever struggled building your confidence up after a nasty fall or a accident with your horse, then this book may help. 

Faye Low is a qualified Performance Coach specialising in Confidence Coaching.

She has provided workshops for British Dressage, Showjumping and the BHS over the years, so she has experience in dealing with people who struggle with their confidence.

The book establishes the difference between confidence and fear first and formost, then moves onto visualisations and the power of words. 

This book is interesting if you want to know the science behind building confidence, but it's more about the theory of it, rather than the actual practise, which could be a little tricky if you have specific problems that you want to tackle. 

The book goes into in what way the brain processes information and how these habits can be altered.

Easy to read and short, it's the perfect buy for anyone wanting to understand what goes in your brain when your faced with confidence worries.