Christmas cards that help horses

You can help horses in need when you purchase your Christmas cards this year thanks to this little lot...

Horse running through snow.jpg

Horse running through snow

£4.25 (pack of 10) from Brooke

snowflake design card mdirf


£5.99 (pack of 10) from the MDIRF

Horse Guards.jpg

Horse Guards in the Snow

£5.99 (pack of 10) from the Blue Cross


Little donkey

£4 (pack of 10) from SPANA


Horace Reindeer

£4 (pack of 5) from the Gambia Horse and Donkey Trust

Sweeping through the snow.jpg

Sweeping through the snow

£3.95 (pack of 10) from World Horse Welfare

Snowy Donkeys.jpg

Snowy Donkeys

£4.25 (pack of 10) from Brooke

Shetland Flurries 2017[1].jpg

Shetland Flurries 

£6.00 (pack of 10) from Equine Grass Sickness Fund