5 books for horse lovers

Need a horse book to curl up with? We've picked 5 fab reads so you can get your horsey fix without leaving the sofa.

Painting with Metro

by Ron Krajewski with Susy Flory

This is a heart-warming story about an ex-racehorse named Metro and how he became a best-selling artist, raising money for ex-racehorses and funding his own life-saving veterinary treatment.

This honest memoir details the struggles, calamities and joys faced by a first-time horse owner and is a book that anyone with a spirited horse can relate to.

The Horse: A biography of our noble companion

by Wendy Williams

If you’ve ever questioned the origins of the horse and their relationship with humans, this is the book for you.

Travelling around the world, author Wendy Williams meets trainers, riders and researchers who give an insight into the first horses to walk the planet, as well as the wild herds that still roam the earth today and their domesticated relatives.

A great book for anyone interested in the behavior and natural history of the horse. 

Smoke the Donkey

by Cate Folsom

This book tells the tale of a small donkey that stumbled across an American marines’ camp in Iraq and into the life of Colonel John Folsom.

John and the rest of the camp soon take the donkey under their wing and name him Smoke, after he gobbles up one of their cigarettes.

The book tells how one small donkey brought a ray of hope to a war zone and describes the difficulties John Folsom faces in his retirement in trying to bring Smoke to America from Iraq.

The Horses Know

by Lynn Mann

This mystical novel follows the story of Amarilla and her horse, Infinity.

Far from your average horse and rider, the two can communicate with each other using the power of their thoughts and must work together to help the human race survive.

While a fictional story, the bonds between horse and human will ring true with many people and gives a fun new perspective on the equine world. 

Mr Darley’s Arabian


by Christopher McGrath

If you’re interested in racehorses, this is the book for you.

Telling the detailed history of how all of today’s racehorses descend from one single Arabian horse shipped to England 300 years ago, Mr Darley’s Arabian will give you an insightful look into the racing world and how it has changed over the years.