3 books for horse lovers

Our top book picks for horse lovers, or for those just looking for a great gift for a horsey friend or family member. 

CHANCES by Ruth Saberton

Read by Your Horse writer and online editor Amy

CHANCES follows the story of Amber, a troubled 15-year old. The teen has given up on her dreams of horse riding, but when she’s placed with a foster family in the countryside, life takes an unexpected turn – especially when a beautiful Arab horse arrives next door.

GLOBETROTTING by Rosie Jones McVey

Read by Associate editor Allison Lowther

In this book you accompany the author on her journey of a lifetime across three continents. Each of the chapters gives you a fascinating insight into the role of horses in different countries. She meets some truly amazing and inspiring horsemen during her travels gaining an insight into how they train and keep their horses.

There are a number of funny moments, and some quite emotional ones too. All in all a lovely book that definitely makes you think about the way horses are treated and trained.


A look into the role of the horse in creating our world. Over the years, horses have provided the strength and speed that humans needed.

Then, in the twentieth century, when we discovered that we no longer needed to depend on them, millions of horses became redundant. 

The relationship between horses and humans is a complex one and this book goes into great detail about the nature of that.