monty roberts dually halter

The Monty Roberts Dually halter - 2016 winner!

The Your Horse Gear Awards* is a nationwide search for the equine industry's best product and in 2016 you votes led to the Monty Roberts Dually Halter being crowed our winner. Here's why...

The Dually was your out and out winner receiving the lion’s share of the votes. We knew this training headcollar has a huge number of fans, but what surprised us was just how convincingly it won.  

Over 15 years ago Monty Roberts and his number one instructor, Kelly Marks, were looking for something horse owners could use to lead their horses safely but without using excessive poll pressure. They wanted something that communicated with the horse using pressure and release as a ‘yes’ or ‘no’, but without inflicting pain. There wasn’t anything already available on the market, so Monty put together a prototype. Originally it only had a leading ring on one side, that was, until while working with some of the Queen’s horses the Queen’s stud groom suggested Monty should add another ring so it could be used from both sides. Totally by coincidence, Kelly was also experimenting with an adapted headcollar with extra buckles for riding and long-lining.

With a bit more tweaking, the Dually was born. It was named after Monty’s old horse and because it was originally dual purpose (although it has many more uses). This unique headcollar has top and bottom adjustable buckles and additional left and right schooling rings, plus a standard ring under the chin, so you can use it as a normal headcollar and tie your horse up safely. The design of the headcollar works on an instant pressure and release system, giving your horse a very clear and easily understood signal.

As well as teaching your horse to lead politely, there are endless other situations where the Dually can be used, including for horses that are tricky to load, to long rein your horse – it can even be used as a bitless bridle. A great multi-purpose training aid

Intelligent Horsemanship is the only supplier in the UK and each Dually comes with a free training DVD as well as telephone or email support, if you need it, for anyone who buys a Dually through Intelligent Horsemanship.

Price £44.99


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