Quickie Super Bulldozer broom

This broom won the Best in Test award in the November issue of Your Horse.

Bulldozer broom

What our tester said:

This broom is super lightweight and the long handle makes sweeping up quick and easy. I had to use minimal effort to tidy up my yard and stables. The 24in head on this broom made light work of sweeping the yard - I would go as far as saying sweeping up was a pleasure!

It copes well on a variety of surfaces, including cobbles, and even in the wet didn't absorb moisture and become heavy. Another plus point was that debris such as hay and hair, didn't get trapped in the broom. 

After four months of daily use the broom is in great condition and showing no signs of wear, the bristles still have plenty of life left in them. 

This is more than I would normally pay for a broom but it's worth every penny, and you really can't go worn as it comes with a five-year guarantee. 

Price: £30

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