Is your horse’s bridle comfy?

To keep your training on track and ensure you're riding on the bit correctly, take a look at our bridle advice from Emile and the team at Albion Saddlemakers.

fitted bridle.jpg

Getting your horse to work on the bit is impossible if his bridle doesn't fit.

An ill-fitting bridle creates pressure on and around your horse's poll, browband and noseband area, causing discomfort and pain. 

Areas to check include the browband and noseband areas.

Check the browband - if it's too tight it will pull the headpiece onto the back of your horse's ears.

Try a padded headpiece that has a slip-head thats automatically positioned over the headpiece to disperse poll pressure. 

You should also check the throatlash - there should be enough room to place a clenched fist between the side of your horse's check and the throatlash. 

Bridle fit screen shot.jpg