Choosing a pair of riding gloves

A well-fitting pair of riding gloves will fit like a second skin and allow you to have a good feel and grip on the reins. Follow our handy tips on finding the right pair for you. 

Your riding gloves should be easy to put on

Your riding gloves should be easy to put on

Choosing gloves


Go for a material that’s breathable as it will help keep you comfortable in warmer weather.

A material with some stretch will add to your overall comfort and fit.


Different materials are often used on the palm, such as leather or synthetic suede, to give better grip and feel on the reins.

Try different pairs on so you can get an idea of how much feel they’ll give you.

Finger reinforcement

Sited where the gloves will get more wear – usually between the rein fingers – these make the gloves more durable. They also provide protection from rubbing.


Velcro fastening around the wrist or on the back of the hand gives a good secure feeling. Others simply slip on with elastic around the wrist.

Try different styles on so you can find out which suits you best.