How a fly veil could aid your horse's concentration

Cast your eye around any warm up arena and you're sure to see many of the horses wearing ear covers. There's a number of reasons why you may opt to use these on your horse and it's not just to follow the latest trend.

It can stop flies distracting and irritating your horse if they land on his face and ears.

There are also a number of ear covers that use special materials, which can help to dull distracting noises and also aid concentration and focus.

Protechmasta fly veil.jpg

Protechmasta Infrared fly veil

This fly veil uses far infra-red technology delivered through a ceramic infused lining throughout the fly veil. This can help to  relieve tension and sensitivity over the poll and browband area.

It also features a lightweight breathable foam within the ears, which helps to soften sounds, encouraging a calmer more focused horse.

RRP £35*

LeMieux acoustic ears.jpg

LeMieux Acoustic ears

The three-way advanced fabric used in the ears of this veil will help to increase concentration and relaxation.

Sharp noise is softened by a layer of dense sound-proof micro-foam to keep your horse’s focus.

The inner lining of bamboo will help to keep your horse comforablet.

RRP £34.96*


Equiline Soundless ear net

This ear net from popular brand Equiline allows your horse to remain concentrated on his work avoiding any distraction from outside noises.

It’s made up of three layers; the lower and upper layer are allergy-free cotton with a special antibacterial treatment.

The middle layer is made of a technical sound-proofing material.

RRP £47.50*

*prices correct at time of publishing

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