5 fly masks for your horse

Fly masks do more than stop pesky flies buzzing around your horse’s face – they help to protect him from infections and harmful rays from the sun. 

This selection of good quality fly masks will keep your horse well protected this summer.

Equilibrium Field Relief Max


A full face mesh mask that blocks out 80% of UV rays, ensures excellent visibility and protects from even tiny flies.

Darts and soft padding ensure your horse is comfortable and make sure it sits clear of your horse’s eyes.

Shires Field durable fly mask with ears


A mesh fly mask with air stream fabric used on the ears for added protection from flies. Fleece padding along the seams lifts the mask off your horse’s eyes for comfort and visibility.

Rambo Fly Mask Plus Vamoose


The shape and design of this mask keeps it away from your horse’s eyes. It has detachable nose protection and generously sized ears for greater comfort. The fleece edging is treated with Vamoose (insect control technology) to deter flies.

KM Elite Fly mask


Designed to provide complete coverage of your horse’s face, providing protection from flies and UV protection. It has an extra long nose piece to give additional protection if your horse has a pink nose and prone to sun burn.

Masta fly mask


The ultimate protection from flies this mask covers your horse’s face, ears and nose. The fleece covered edges and seams provide comfort and prevent rubbing. The mask is shaped to hold the mask away from your horse eyes.