No more cross-threading studs thanks to Easy Stud


If you regularly uses studs to provide your horse will a little more grip you'll know how time-consuming and often frustrating the process of using them can be.

To help make the whole process stress-free there's a new stud on the block. Easy Stud is a revolutionary patented thread that goes in straight every time and is impossible to cross-thread. 

This gets around the continual problem of getting frustrated when you're trying to put studs in ready for a competition. 


The Easy Stud has a bigger, blunter thread which automatically lines itself up straight every time. It cannot cut a new track and will always follow the thread put in by your farrier - making them impossible to cross-thread!

The starter kit contains everything that you need including 16 studs including keeper studs, a tap and spanner, plus two farrier taps - he'll need this to thread the hole in your horse's shoes. 

RRP £60*

To buy visit

*price correct at time of publishing

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Frost finch hat silks

Frostfinch hat silks

Tired of the usual black or blue hat silk? Well you can now jazz up your riding hat with a Fronstfinch hat silk. 

These British made hat covers are available in a wide range of colour and design options. There's something for everyone, you can choose from sparkles, flames, roses and hearts. Any of these designs are sure to brighten up your everyday riding wear, or make you stand out from the crowd when you're riding cross country. 

Price £20 to £35 depending on design*

*prices correct at time of publishing

Equit’M Backpack

Equit'M Backpack

This practical and smart backpack has lots of uses, and will make stroring and carrying your horsey bits and bobs hassle free. 

It has numerous handy compartments to store all your valuables and five outer pockets to store your riding hat, whip and drinks bottle. Inside you'll find two inner compartments to safely store even more kit. 

To make carrying the bag comfortable it has a padded back and adjustable shoulder straps. It also has a relief area positioned at the neck which spreads the load to avoid discomfort and makes it easier to carry.

Price £49.90*


*price correct at time of publishing


EQUIT'M Headcollar

EQUIT'M head collar

This new headcollar is made from tough, densely woven nylon. It has a shimmering effect and a soft anti-chafing feel. It has an adjustable headpiece, noseband with buckles, and quick release throatlatch with snap.The anti-chafing lining is made from synthetic nubuck with nice nickel plated metal buckles. It's available in super stylish navy/burgundy colour and in sizes cob and full.

Price £21.50 *

Four of the best hoods

A great choice to help keep your horse clean or use as an extra layer when it's really cold - here's our pick of our favourite four.

Horszjamz hood

Horzejamz Fleece Hood

This fleece hood will help to keep your horse warm and will wick away sweat. It comes in a range of shiny fabrics for the ear and most section so you can add some colour to his wardrobe.  A clever four-loop bib system holds the hood in place and keeps your horse comfortable too. 

Price £49.99*

To order online visit

Shires hood

Shires stretch hood with full face

A hood with a good amount of stretch, this is a great choice if you want to ensure your horses plaits stay in place on the day of a competition. It's made from a multi-way stretch nylon fabric, with shaping on the head and face for comfort. The zip fastening make it quick and easy to fit and a belly strap and girth tab hold the hood in place so there's no rubbing. 

Price £39.99*

To find your nearest stockist visit

Snuggy hoods

Snuggy Hoods Turn Out Hood

Designed for turnout, this durable hood will help to keep your horse clean and protect him from the elements. Made from a water repellent and breathable material with a shoulder lining for comfort, plus a self-fixing surcingle. You can chose from a pull-on style, or with a full zip on the underside of the neck to under the chin which can make putting the hood on and off quick and easy. 

Price From £85*

To order online visit

Ekkia neck protector

Ekkia Neck Protector

This polar fleece full-length neck protector adds a layer of warmth for your horse. It's lined with nylon to help keep you horse clean and prevent rubbing. Around the poll is elasticated which stops it slipping down his neck. This option is a good choice if your horse doesn't like his fact covering with a full hood. 

Price £18.90*

* All prices correct at the time of publishing. 

Headcollar for safe turnout

Fieldsafe headcollar

If your horse can be a little reluctant to be caught turning him out in a head collar can make this daily task a little easier. However, turning him out in a head collar isn't ideal as you may be worried about him getting caught on fencing.

You can worry no more, thanks to the new Hy Fieldsafe head collar. This head collar features quick release touch tape on the head piece and nose band. There’s also another break point around the throat lash so the head collar is able to break when pressure is applied to three separate areas releasing your horse if he gets caught up. A trigger hook at the throat can be fastened to either a brass ring (for when you are leading your horse), or a plastic ring attached with touch tape (for when your horse is out in the field). To ensure your horse is comfortable the nose and head piece is cushioned.

The Hy Fieldsafe head collar has an RRP of £19.90

For more information visit

Noble Outfitters Guardsman fly mask

The Noble Outfitters Guardsman fly mask not only keeps flies away, it’ll protect your horse from the sun too. For comfort the fly mask has fleece lining on the crown and nose and the removable nose attachment protects this delicate area from the sun.

Price from £19.95 (no ears) £21.95 (with ears)*

*Correct at time of publishing

Guardsman Fly Mask