Walking sticks, lizards, daffodils and a man carrying a loaf of bread – some laughable causes of spooking


We all know horses can sometimes be rather ‘sensitive’ about things in their environment, or that they come across on a hack or in the school – some more so than others.

Some spookiness is understandable, but there are also the spooks that leave you wondering what on earth just happened.

Here are a few strange spook stories from Your Horse readers:

  • A field of grass that we walk past every time we go out. - Tracy Dawson 

  • Lizards, water running out of odd places, litter. When he was younger he used to erupt if he kicked a can. - Vanessa Burton 

  • Daffodils, bin bags, silage wrap, his own reflection – the list goes on.- Rachel Hewart

  • Her own wee. We stopped on a hack going down a hill and it rolled down between her front legs. - Andrea Samways

  • A painted arrow on the grass on an endurance ride, but the strangest is when something that is usually there now isn’t. He spooks at the empty space! - Angie Fitzakerley 

  • A snowflake. - Dawn Wallace

  • A leaf that touched his foot. - Nicole Francis

  • A dead crab hanging in a bush. - Hannah Warner 

  • Hacking fine past diggers, cones, builders, noise and stacks of bricks…the actual new driveway that produced? Oh no! - Julie Blake

  • A white bird poo. Snorted and jumped at it. - Sara McCob

  • The grass being a different colour than the last time we went past. - Jenny Allan

  • My cousin's horse spooked at her own fart. - Alison Clark

  • A toadstool. Absolutely terrifying apparently. - Jayne Sledmore

  • White ‘slow’ writing on road. How very dare he be asked to slow! - Louise Meadows

  • A poo in the school. - Alicia Mae Silvester

  • His saddle. - Shauna Fowles

  • Daffodils. - Hazel Glenny

  • His own farts. - Vicky Boon

  • A tree trunk. - Claire Fisher

  • A blue flower that hadn't been there before. - Dawn Dingle

  • A man carrying a loaf of bread. - Fay May

  • Lines on the road. - Clare Chinnock

  • Anyone carrying a walking stick or golf club. - Caren Hingston 

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