Horsey events to get you out the house in March

Bored? Looking for something to do? We’ve got our round up of the best events this March. With plenty of clinics, demonstrations and a heavy horse show to attend, there’s something here for every type of equine enthusiast


2018 National Shire Horse Show

Date: 16-18 March

shire horse show.jpg

Where: Stafford County Showground, Stafford

Cost: £12

The world’s largest gathering of Shire horses takes place over three days in March for a celebration of the breed’s history and heritage.

The show is a superb opportunity to learn more about Shire horses. See them shown in-hand and ridden — plus you'll be supporting the work of the Shire Horse Society by attending the show.

There’s plenty to entertain everyone at the show for horse lovers both big and small.

With oodles of shopping, a grand parade, a farriery demonstration, stable tours, agricultural classes and a children’s petting area, it’s a great day out for all the family.

Don’t miss the chance to gather a unique insight into the gentle giants of the horse world as enthusiasts travel across Europe to show off their heavy horses to the crowds of spectators.

Parelli Clinic with Mike Wanzenried

Date: 12-13 March

Where: Attington Stud, Oxfordshire

Cost: £40 for one day or £80 for two days

Back in the UK for a second time, Mike Wanzenried comes highly recommended by natural horsemanship pro Pat Parelli and has been dubbed ‘one of his most gifted students’.

Over the last couple of years, Mike has developed a unique method of coaching to help owners and their horses with groundwork and being ridden.

Using psychology-based methods to help focus your horse whatever the situation or environment, Mike’s clinic is ideal for owners who are starting out with younger horses, or those who want to work on their relationship and strengthen their bond.

Horses Inside Out Extravaganza

Date: 27 March

Where: Avon Riding Centre for the Disabled, Bristol

Cost: £25        

inside out horse.jpg

In this live demonstration, Horse’s Inside Out entertainer Gillian Higgins explains how understanding and caring for your horse’s body can improve your riding, training and management.

Demonstrating exercises that will help develop your horse’s strength and suppleness, Gillian uses a rider with a skeleton body suit to clearly show the link between horse and rider.

Ideal for horse owners, riders and trainers, all keen to learn about how to maximise a horse’s range of movement.

Daniel Greenwood Dressage Clinic at Keysoe

Date: 19 March

Where: Keysoe Equestrian Centre, Bedfordshire

Cost: £55 for 30 min or £75 for 45 min

Need a refresh? This clinic with Daniel Greenwood will do just that. Dan is an accredited trainer for the British Young Riders Squad and trained in Germany for three years. Whether you're a beginner or intermediate rider, you'll find Daniel's teaching style easy to follow.

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