5 horse blogs to follow

Love getting your horsey fix online? Here's our pick of the must-read equestrian blogs.

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1. Your Horse blogs

Well, it wouldn't be a list without us! Here at Your Horse, we’ve called on our friends, contacts and top riders to blog for us on all sorts of topics.

Go behind the scenes at yards, events and vet practices, be inspired by para-riders, gain confidence with our experts and find out the latest in equine science.

Whatever your equine passion, we have a blog for you.

2. Roosa's Horsey Life

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Equestrian blogger of the year 2017, amateur dressage rider Roosa Rantanen’s blog is full of advice, fun, great photos, equine fashion and product reviews.

She’s passionate about dressage and shares the of trials and tribulations of this popular sport. 

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3. HorseHour

This educational and inspiration blog is built around #HorseHour, a Twitter hour that brings a large group of like-minded horsey folk together every Monday at 8pm.

You can share issues, stories, ask questions etc. The #HorseHour Podcast is published on the website every Monday too.

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4. Haynet

This comprehensive site is dedicated to blogging from every aspect of rural living.

It pulls together the best equestrian and country blogs from across the UK in a blogging directory.

It also features the latest news and book and product reviews. Grab a cuppa and dive in.

5. Diary of a Wimpy Eventer

Wimpy eventer.jpg

Another award winner (Rising Star 2017), this blog is a warts and all peep into life as an amateur - and often underconfident -  eventer.

Written by Victoria Brant, it’s witty and engaging and the stories are all things we can easily relate to ourselves. 

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