Horslyx Mint Balancer

Mint Horsily 5kg

After listening to their customers the Mint Balancer from Horslyx has been launched in larger sizes to help support all round health and vitality with a cool refreshing flavour.

Horslyx Mint Balancer is created with real peppermint oil which even the fussiest horse will have trouble resisting.

As part of the Horslyx Balancer family the lick contains a high specification vitamin, mineral and trace element package with high oil content including Omega-3 Oils from Linseed Oil. It also includes Horslyx’s healthy hooves formula and powerful antioxidants, to help keep your horse happy and healthy.

Horslyx Balancers help you ensure your horse is getting all the vitamins and minerals he needs. Being low in starch they're suitable for horses which can react to cereal based diets and for many horses a Horslyx Balancer and forage is all they need.

Prices £15 for 5kg, £30.60 for 15kg tub

Find out more at www.horslyx.com




Spillers Alfalfa-Pro Fibre


Three horse owners have been testing Spillers Alfalfa-Pro Fibre to see how good it really is. 

They've been feeding this short chopped feed to their horses for approximately six months.

You can read how they've got on as they each review the feed below.

Price £14.10 for 20kg 

For more information visit www.spillers-feeds.com

Tested by Sarah Oakley from Rutland

Since feeding Spillers Alfalfa-Pro Fibre, Wilf looks great and is much easier to ride

Since feeding Spillers Alfalfa-Pro Fibre, Wilf looks great and is much easier to ride

Used for six months

Wilfred is a 17hh, seven year old, KWPN. It was last September that he started acting a little strange; very twitchy, lethargic, not going forwards, grumpy around belly area, grinding his teeth, losing weight and not eating well.

He had a gastroscope in October and was found to have grade 2 ulcers. He was given peptizole for four weeks after which he seemed much better, but still not right so I gave him another month to see if he would improve. This worked as most of his symptoms virtually disappeared apart from he was still a bit grumpy around tummy area sometimes.

Wilf is on a on a high in fibre, low sugar and starch diet with plenty of forage.

Since adding Spillers Alfalfa Pro to his diet Wilf is now more relaxed around his girth area and less twitchy generally. 

He enjoys the feed and even licks the bottom (which he never did before). It’s softer in texture and smells better than other alfalfa feeds. He does take his time eating so I believe it extends chewing time.

I also give him a handful of Alfalfa Pro half an hour before I ride as it lines his tummy and gives him just the right amount of energy needed. When riding, he has the right amount of energy, as before he was really behind my leg and lacked any impulsion, he was hard work to ride. This is no longer the case, he is much more willing to work, our dressage is really progressing well.

His coat is amazing and he looks in great condition, he started putting weight on as soon as I started feeding him it and his condition improved fairly quickly. 

I can honestly say he's back to the relaxed, contented and enjoyable horse he was. I would definitely recommend this feed to anyone with a horse with ulcers or at risk of getting ulcers. I shall continue to feed Spillers Alfalfa Pro, I so pleased with the results.

Tested by Sharon Fletcher from Yorkshire

Sharon has noticed her horse Tarragon is more focused in his ridden work since feeding Alfalfa-Pro

Sharon has noticed her horse Tarragon is more focused in his ridden work since feeding Alfalfa-Pro

Used for three months

I fed both of my horses, Auburn and Tarragon, Spillers Alfalfa-Pro Fibre.

Tarragon is sharp and excitable in the summer and usually has to go on calmer while Auburn is a bit of an anxious stress head and calmers don’t seem to make a difference with him.

Since using Alfalfa Pro they both been a bit calmer, and I’ve noticed a little more focus on their work.

Both eat it well and seem to like it. They both have good coats and look really.

I was so pleased with the results that I have recommended the feed to some friends who also have stressy horses.

It did take a while to get hold of the feed and in the end I had to have it ordered in especially.

Tested by Allison Lowther from Lincolnshire

Jester is looking and feeling great on Spillers Alfalfa-Pro Fibre

Jester is looking and feeling great on Spillers Alfalfa-Pro Fibre

Used for six months

I’ve fed Spiller Alfalfa Pro to my two horses, Jester and Wish mainly because they weren’t keen on eating the alfalfa product I was feeding to them.

Since changing to Alfalfa Pro they are both eating their feed, licking their bowls clean morning and evening.

It feels much softer and smells very palatable compared to the feed they used to have. 

Jester is 22 and is semi retired, only go for short hacks as an escort to my other horse. 

He can be quite fussy about his feed and had stopped eating some of his alfalfa as it was quite hard and stalky. 

Since feeding him Spillers Alfalfa-Pro he's eating up all his food. 

He has a really healthy looking coat with an amazing shine. 

He's also carrying just the right amount of condition just on a balancer and the Alfalfa-Pro. 

Wish is more energetic in her ridden work on this chopped fibre feed

Wish is more energetic in her ridden work on this chopped fibre feed

Wish is 13 and in regular work and competing at elementary/medium level dressage.

Sh's always been quite lazy and I’ve struggled to find a feed that gives her sensible energy without sending her spooky. Since feeding Alfalfa Pro she is much more forward going and easier to ride.

I did have to reduce the amount I fed to her over the summer as she did gain quite a lot of condition!

Initially I struggled to find a feed shop that stocked it, but I soon found one that would happily order in the number of bags I wanted.

I’d definitely recommend Spiller Alfalfa Pro, my two love it!

Spillers Speedy-Mash Fibre

Keep your horse happy and healthy this winter with this new addition to the Spillers range of fibre feeds.

Spillers Speedy mash.jpg

Speedy-Mash Fibre is a super-fast soaking sugar beet blend with an irresistible apple aroma that your horse is sure to love.

High in fibre, low in starch and molasses free make this feed suitable for all horses and pony including good doers and those prone to laminitis.

Quick and easy to use it soaks in 60 seconds to form an appetising mash, which also makes it perfect for older horses with poor teeth who may have struggle to chew long fibre.

It also contains a full range of vitamins and minerals, prebiotic FOS and probiotic live yeast for digestive health, as well as quality protein to help maintain topline and muscle tone. This is especially important for balancing your horse's diet if he's on a calorie-restricted ration.

Spillers Speedy-Mash Fibre has a special launch promotion of £1 off each bag while stocks last.

For more information call the Spillers Care-Line on 01908 226626 or visit www.spillers-feeds.com

Spillers Daily Fibre

Spillers Daily Fibre

Daily Fibre is a simple blend of the softest chopped fibres to help extend your horse’s eating time and support his gut health. 

The triple blend of chopped straw, pure alfalfa and grass nuts will bring variety to your horse's diet, while the softness of the fibre chop gives him better chewing and digestive comfort. It's the perfect accompaniment for a balancer or a compound feed to provide a healthy low starch and sugar, low calorie, high fibre diet.

Price £11.99*

For more details contact the SPILLERS Care-Line on 01908 226626 or visit www.spillers-feeds.com

*price correct at time of publishing

Respiratory products

Winter can mean your horse is more prone to coughs and snotty noses. This can be because he’s spending less time out in the field and more time in his stable. This can expose him to a dusty environment from hay and bedding, which may affect his breathing.  There are numerous respiratory supplements that can help keep nasty coughs at bay. We’ve picked five of our favourites.

Netted Air Power

Nettex Air Power Respiratory Boost

Price £12.99 *

A dual-purpose formula that contains menthol and eucalyptus to help soothe irritation and clear your horse’s airways

NAF Respirator Boost

NAF Respirator Boost

Price £29.95 for 1 litre*

This liquid supplement contains natural antioxidants, plus herbs, such as ginger, rosehip and blueberries, to support healthy lung function. Echinacea is also included to support your horse’s immune system.



Horslyx Respiratory

Respiratory Horslyx

Price From £13.10 *

This lick contains menthol, eucalyptus and aniseed to help keep your horse’s airways clear of mucus. It will also provide your horse with a balanced package of vitamins and minerals, including antioxidants, and vitamin C, to help support and maintain a strong immune system.

Feedmark Clarity

Feedmark Clarity

Price £36.99 for 2kg *

This natural product contains seven herbs that have been specifically selected to help support and soothe your horse’s respiratory tract, as well as clear excess mucus.

Dodson & Horrell Breathe-Free

Dodson & Horrell Breathe-Free

Price £14.78 for 1kg *

Formulated to support the respiratory system, this included an effective mix of carefully selected respiratory herbs.

Global Herbs Airway Plus

Global Herbs Airway Plus

Price £20.50 for 1kg *

Designed to soothe the airways and help maintain normal mucus levels. It’s also great for maintaining a clear chest and soothing throats.

* Prices correct at time of publishing

Dengie Alfa-A Oil displays the new BETA feed mark

Dengie Alfa-A oil EGUS

This popular feed from Dengie now displays the new BETA feed mark for equines prone to Equine Gastric Ulcer Syndrome.

When you read recent research which highlights that up to 59% of leisure horses suffer from Equine Gastric Ulcer Syndrome (EGUS) it makes you realise that this condition can effect all horses not just those in hard work.

While there are many possible causes, high concentrate diets and intense exercise have been identified as the trigger in many equines. Feeding more fibre, in particular alfalfa, and reducing cereal based feeds can help and as a general rule your horse's starch intake should be less than 2g per KG of bodyweight per day to reduce the risk of ulcers.

Dengie Alfa-A Oil is suitable for horses in moderate to hard work helping to improve stamina and condition. Fibre diets are also much healthier for your horse as they're more sympathetic to his digestive system and provide slow release energy. Alfa-A Oil is high in calories and when fed at the recommended quantities it has a comparable energy level to a competition/conditioning mix or cube but with, on average, 10-times less starch.

If you think your horse could be suffering from EGUS, as with all equine health issues, Dengie recommend that you consult your vet.



To find your nearest stockist visit www.dengie.com

Coopers Gut Support

Coopers Gut support

The winter months can be challenging to older horses. Colder and changeable weather means less nutrients are avaialble in the grass. Combine this with the fact that your older horses may find it difficult to digest their feed effectively and this could mean he'll struggle to maintain condition. 

Feeding a supplement, such as Coopers Gut Support will help the healthy bacteria in the hind gut working properly so they can improve digestion and help maintain body condition.

The Coopers Gut Range contains a mixture of prebiotics and postbiotics, which can assist beneficial bacteria and aid normal gut function.

Coopers Gut Support is a pellet that you can mix in with your horse's feed or it can be fed alone.  It's also naturally rich in free amino acids and amino acid derivatives which help maintain optimum condition. 

There are two other products in the Coopers Gut Range. Coopers Gut Equalise is a prebiotic and postbiotic oral paste to help maintain digestive function in foals and adult horses during times of stress or digestive imbalance, and Coopers Gut Assist is a prebiotic and postbiotic oral powder for horses, enriched with smectite for use during periods of digestive disturbance.

To find out how your horse could benefit from the Coopers Gut Range this winter, visit www.coopers-range.co.uk

To find out more visit www.coopers-range.co.uk

Winter Health Mash from Dodson & Horrell

Just in time for the winter months, Dodson & Horrell has launch its Winter Health Mash - a unique and modern take on a bran mash. this warming herbal mash will help support your horse's immune and digestive system, whatever his age and condition. 

It contains a number of ingredients to stimulate his appetite, including carrots, and can also be used to help disguise the taste of supplements and medicines. 

Add warm water to create a warming mash

Add warm water to create a warming mash

As well as containing bran, Winter Health Mash all contains a number of herbs, including mint and fennel. Both of these herbs are well known for their ability to help keep your horse's digestive system happy and working efficiently, which is especially important over the winter months when the quality of grass is lower and his main source of fibre comes from dried forage, such as hay. There's also the addition of echinacea, which is known to support and boost your horse's immune system. 

Simply soak the mash with hot or cold water and leave it to soak for 10 minutes before feeding. Thanks to those lovely herbs your horse will tuck in, and it will warm him up from the inside. It's also a great way to increase your horse's fluid intake and ensure he stays hydrated. 

Added oil will give your horse's coat some shine, and you don't need to worry about the calcium and phosphorus ratio that's traditionally associated with feeding bran as it's all been balanced for you. 

Winter Health Mash is designed to be fed as an addition to your horse's usual diet and tin's a complete feed - so your horse will still need to receive his daily dose of vitamins and minerals. 

Watch our short video below about this new feed.



Healthy hooves

Hoof Right

 The lick contains high levels of zinc, biotin and copper, to support hoof health, growth and condition. The zinc is supplied in three different forms (two of which are protected), and four different types of copper (two of which are protected). These ingredients work together  to promote the synthesis and maintenance of connective tissues in the hoof, support quality growth and hardness, and helping boost the strength and integrity of the hoof. 
Your horse is sure to love the aniseed flavour of this lick and it will last the average horse for 40 to 60 days, all for only £9.99.
For more information, visit www.rockies.co.uk 

NAF Garlic 100

NAF Garlic 100

Garlic has been fed to horses for many years. Known for its many and varied nutritional benefits, garlic is certainly a super herb and one horses simply love.

New from NAF is Garlic 100. This highly palatable liquid offers all the benefits of garlic that's easy to feed. NAF’s exceptional extraction process has allowed for a concentrated extract from 100% natural garlic cloves with no unnecessary fillers. 

For a limited time a one litre bottle is only £7.99 (usual RRP is £9.99) 

For further details call the NAF Freephone Nutritional Advice line 0800 373106

or visit www.naf-equine.eu/uk

TopChop Zero

Topchop zero

If you're trying to help your horse lose a few inches take a look at TopChop Zero from TopSpec. This chop can be fed to hires and ponies who are overweight and need a low-calorie diet. 

It's made from British chopped oat straw with added apple flavour and mint to make it irresistible to your horse. TopChop Zero doesn't contain any molasses or other sugar coating making it a good option if your horse needs to shed a few pounds.

A 15kg bale has a RRP of £7.50. For more information about the full range of TopSpec feeds visit www.topspec.com