Horslyx Mint Balancer

Mint Horsily 5kg

After listening to their customers the Mint Balancer from Horslyx has been launched in larger sizes to help support all round health and vitality with a cool refreshing flavour.

Horslyx Mint Balancer is created with real peppermint oil which even the fussiest horse will have trouble resisting.

As part of the Horslyx Balancer family the lick contains a high specification vitamin, mineral and trace element package with high oil content including Omega-3 Oils from Linseed Oil. It also includes Horslyx’s healthy hooves formula and powerful antioxidants, to help keep your horse happy and healthy.

Horslyx Balancers help you ensure your horse is getting all the vitamins and minerals he needs. Being low in starch they're suitable for horses which can react to cereal based diets and for many horses a Horslyx Balancer and forage is all they need.

Prices £15 for 5kg, £30.60 for 15kg tub

Find out more at www.horslyx.com