Benefits of magnesium for stressed horses

Owner of a spooky or stressy horse? The experts at Nettex explain why a carefully-chosen magnesium supplement could be the answer you're looking for. 

Does your horse become stressed easily?

Does your horse become stressed easily?

Horses and ponies are flight animals and, in certain situations, can become stressed and spooky. 

This type of behaviour can be caused by many different things and it's worth checking with your vet that pain isn't causing your horse to react in this way. 

Similarly, any changes in your horse's management – such as a reduction in exercise, changed environment, or an increase in energy intake from pasture, forage or feed – can also contribute to a change in behaviour. 

It’s always worth addressing these factors first before reaching for a supplement.

Feed plenty of good quality, clean forage to reduce the reliance on concentrates. 

Choose a feed that's low in starch and sugars and that provides a full requirement of vitamins and minerals at the correct level of feeding.

Choosing a supplement

Once you've ruled out pain and other factors that could be influencing your horse's behaviour, you might want to consider a supplement to help him. 

There are an array of so-called calming supplements on the market, but there isn't a good level of evidence to suggest that some of the ingredients in these supplements have an effect on mood, behaviour or stress. 

One ingredient that has been shown to have an impact on stress levels is magnesium. 

Poor magnesium status has been shown to cause a heightened stress response in horses and research has shown that magnesium-supplemented horses had lower heart rates in stressful situations, such as after transportation. 

While it's been shown to have an effect on stress, it's important to remember that some magnesium compounds are not absorbed very well by horses.  

When choosing a supplement, ensure that you read the label. 

Choose a supplement that contains either magnesium aspartate hydrochloride or chelated magnesium. Both of these have both been shown to be well absorbed and may be more effective in supplementation.

Nettex Keep Kalm 

V.I.P.® Keep Kalm represents the next generation of calmer supplements. Its unique formula of natural casein and chelated magnesium helps to support concentration and wellbeing.


Casein is a natural milk protein that promotes relaxation to aid calmness in young milk-fed animals, such as foals.

Keep-Kalm_VIP_WITHOUT VET approved-emailable.JPG

It's been seen to have beneficial effects on both adult and young horses and ponies undergoing stressful situations.

Nettex V.I.P.® Keep Kalm is ideal to be fed on a regular basis to horses or ponies to help maintain calmness, wellbeing and concentration.

V.I.P.® Keep Kalm is conveniently packaged in 2kg tubs that will last an average-size horse for over two months, making this a cost-effective way to ensure horses maintain peak health.

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