Respiratory products

Winter can mean your horse is more prone to coughs and snotty noses. This can be because he’s spending less time out in the field and more time in his stable. This can expose him to a dusty environment from hay and bedding, which may affect his breathing.  There are numerous respiratory supplements that can help keep nasty coughs at bay. We’ve picked five of our favourites.

Netted Air Power

Nettex Air Power Respiratory Boost

Price £12.99 *

A dual-purpose formula that contains menthol and eucalyptus to help soothe irritation and clear your horse’s airways

NAF Respirator Boost

NAF Respirator Boost

Price £29.95 for 1 litre*

This liquid supplement contains natural antioxidants, plus herbs, such as ginger, rosehip and blueberries, to support healthy lung function. Echinacea is also included to support your horse’s immune system.



Horslyx Respiratory

Respiratory Horslyx

Price From £13.10 *

This lick contains menthol, eucalyptus and aniseed to help keep your horse’s airways clear of mucus. It will also provide your horse with a balanced package of vitamins and minerals, including antioxidants, and vitamin C, to help support and maintain a strong immune system.

Feedmark Clarity

Feedmark Clarity

Price £36.99 for 2kg *

This natural product contains seven herbs that have been specifically selected to help support and soothe your horse’s respiratory tract, as well as clear excess mucus.

Dodson & Horrell Breathe-Free

Dodson & Horrell Breathe-Free

Price £14.78 for 1kg *

Formulated to support the respiratory system, this included an effective mix of carefully selected respiratory herbs.

Global Herbs Airway Plus

Global Herbs Airway Plus

Price £20.50 for 1kg *

Designed to soothe the airways and help maintain normal mucus levels. It’s also great for maintaining a clear chest and soothing throats.

* Prices correct at time of publishing