The Dengie Story

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Their commitment to the nutritional care and well-being of horses will always be the main reason you can rely upon Dengie. However, a lot goes on behind the scenes that the team wants to share with you - they believe it's what sets them apart from the rest! Read on to discover their story...

From Field to Feed

At Dengie we grow as many of our own ingredients as possible and source as locally as we can to keep our 'feed miles' low. We are owned by a group of Essex Farmers and it is our policy to support UK agriculture and other industries whenever we can.

Experts in the Field

Founded in 1968 as a farmers' cooperative, Dengie has steadily grown so that we now harvest over 5,000 acres of British alfalfa and grass. Our farmers have been growing crops for Dengie horse feeds for more than 40 years and they select only the finest seeds for planting, nurture their growth so they are ready for harvest at the optimum time. The alfalfa and grass is grown in the fields close to Dengie's production sites and carefully traced through the production process, meaning every bag of Dengie can be traced back to the field it was grown in.

Working with Nature

Our British grown grass from the meadow fields of Lincolnshire is 100% natural and free from pesticide residues. The meadows are harvested between the months of May and October and high temperature dried to produce a consistent and clean source of highly digestible fibre. Every ingredient is supplied by nature with minimal processing to retain as much natural goodness as possible. 

Dengie Meadow Grass with herbs

Lincolnshire's finest meadow grasses are dried, chopped and lightly dressed with cold-pressed rapeseed oil from Aberdeenshire. Topped with a unique blend of herbs including liquorice root, fennel, mint, chamomile and aniseed.

  • High in fibre and highly-digestible
  • Ideal partial or total hay replacer
  • The inclusion of grass pellets provides interest and texture
  • Naturally sweet - tempting fussy feeders
  • Free from artificial flavours, preservatives, molasses and straw
  • Non-GM

Dengie Grass Pellets

Simply 100% naturally grown meadow grass with no added sugar.

  • High in fibre and highly-digestible
  • Can be fed as a partial hay replacer
  •  Ideal for snack balls
  • Can be fed dry or soaked, making them ideal for older horses with poor teeth
  • Provides additional calories to help with winter weight gain or maintenance
  • Naturally sweet - tempting fussy feeders
  • Free from artificial flavours, preservatives, molasses, straw, binders and fillers
  • Non-GM

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