Keep your horse comfortable as he cools down after exercise, or comfortable while travelling, with one of these versatile cooler rugs currently available to buy now.

Weatherbeeta Thermocell Cooler Standard Neck

Weatherbeeta Thermocell Cooler Standard Neck

RRP £89.99

Colour: Navy/white

Sizes: 5ft 6in-7ft 3in

A versatile cooler that has an ultra-soft feel and stylish design with multi-layer fabric and excellent wicking properties to help keep your horse dry and comfortable.

The rug is lightweight but warm, making it ideal for travelling or after exercise.

It features a single adjustable front surcingle closure, low cross surcingles and tail cord.

Thermatex Original Cooler Rug

Thermatex Original Cooler Rug

RRP from £150.70

Colours: 23 colours available (binding also in 23 colours)

Sizes: 4ft-7ft 3in

Ideal for use after exercise, during travel or as a stable rug.

Each rug is individually hand cut for a perfect fit and there’s no joining seam, which allows the rug to mould to your horse’s body shape.

This direct contact with your horse ensures the most efficient use of the wicking technology, which is made up of three layers.

These layers have the ability to wick moisture from the inside, allowing it to evaporate into the atmosphere without it being absorbed into the fabric.

Bucas Power Cooler With Neck

Bucas Power Cooler With Neck

RRP £94

Colours: Navy/silver, black/ silver

Sizes: 5ft 6in-7ft 2in

A high-performance, lightweight multi-purpose rug that’s an ideal sweat rug, travel rug and light stable rug.

It has a single layer of Stay-dry fabric so when you put it on a wet horse it wicks moisture away and ensures that your horse dries faster.

The Power Cooler is available in two versions, classic cut and full neck, and is machine washable.

Tempest Original Tech Cooler Rug

Tempest Original Tech Cooler Rug

RRP £61.99

Colour: Navy

Sizes: 60in-84in

This versatile and breathable rug wicks moisture away, keeping a layer of dry air next to the skin.

Useful as an extra layer under a stable rug and after exercise on cooler days.

DefenceX System WicX Cooler Rug With Detachable Neck Cover

DefenceX System Wicx Cooler Rug With Detachable Neck Cover

RRP £69.99

Colour: Navy/red

Sizes: 5ft 6in-7ft 3in

This breathable rug will help wick away moisture from the body, keeping your horse cool and comfortable. It’s ideal for use after exercise, bathing or while travelling.

This smart mesh rug has a detachable neck cover and the top and front of the rug are lined with soft navy fleece to provide comfort.

The fleece-lined wither area prevents rubbing and the neck cover is secured with touch-tape fastenings. The adjustable navy surcingle is fastened under the rug for a discreet finish.

Rambo Sport Cooler

Rambo Sport Cooler

RRP £89.95

Colours: Navy/red & grey, Navy/burgundy/teal & navy

Sizes: 5ft 6in-7ft 3in

The ultimate travel rug that prevents your horse from overheating during transit.

The top section is made from a cotton-rich fabric with super wicking ability and high breathability.

The solid material keeps the important areas along the back of your horse warm and the contoured net sides allow free flow of air for fast drying and to avoid overheating.

It comes in a classic cut design with a single front closure for ease of use. Cross surcingles ensure a secure fit. The adjustable fillet string keeps the rug in place.

StormX Original MeshX Rug

StormX Original MeshX Rug

RRP £32.99

Colour: Navy/grey

Sizes: 4ft 6in-7ft

This lightweight breathable mesh rug is perfect for use after exercise, bathing or while travelling.

It wicks moisture away from the skin while preventing your horse from catching a chill, and ensures optimum comfort.

It features a fleece wither area to prevent rubbing, front surcingle chest closure, adjustable surcingles and a fillet string.

Weatherbeeta Sherpa Fleece Cooler Standard Neck

Weatherbeeta Sherpa Fleece Cooler Standard Neck

RRP £89.99

Colours: Maroon/white, dark blue/white

Sizes: 5ft–7ft 3in

A beautiful and stylish cooler ideal for travelling, at a show and cooling after exercise.

The soft, breathable and highly wickable fleece has a warm luxurious thermal sherpa fleece lining with a cosy 300g of polyfill and Cozi Collar for additional comfort.

This cooler features a single adjustable buckle with clip front closure and touch tape that’s easy to use, plus low cross surcingles and tail cord.

Rambo Cosy Fleece

Rambo Cosy Fleece

RRP £125.95

Colours: Navy/beige, baby blue & navy, burgundy/ burgundy/teal & navy

Sizes: 5ft 6in-7ft 3in

The cosiest fleece rug for chillier days, this high quality, doublebonded fleece wicks moisture, keeping your horse warm and allowing gradual cooling.

A cosy padded collar sits around the neck and prevents draughts. It’s cut to Horseware’s classic design, with double front closures and cross surcingles for a secure fit, plus a tail cord.

Suitable for use in the stable or travelling.

Masta Horse Fleece Rug Standard Neck

Masta Horse Fleece Rug Standard Neck

RRP £55

Colour: Black/silver

Sizes: 4ft 6in-7ft 6in

This stylish rug is made from breathable, wicking fleece fabric with a soft anti-pill finish.

Ideal for travelling, in the stable, after bathing or for cooling down after exercise.

The anti-rub lining at the chest and fleece wither pad reduces any unwanted pressure or rubbing.

The rug has twin surcingle fastenings to the front, cross surcingles and a fillet string. It’s finished with metallic silver piping and a wide binding with self-fleece stitch detail for a smart finish.

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