Micklem Competition bridle

Tested by: Your Horse Gear Guide Editor, Allison Lowther

This bridle is designed for comfort and takes into account the shape of your horse’s head. I’ve used it on both of my horses, Wish and Jester, and both seem to like it compared to their conventional bridles.

There are lost of great features on this bridle including the fact that there are no additional straps for the noseband so there’s less pressure over the headpiece. There’s also plenty of scope for adjustment so you can get a good fit.

The headpiece is shaped to go around the back of the ears and a little padding adds to the comfort.

I've been using this bridle for three years now and from the get go I noticed that both my horses seem to accept the contact better and go more consistently in it.

This bridle looks a little different, but for me, comfort comes first and I’ll continue to use it as my horses go really well in it.

Price*: £120


*Price at time of publishing - April 2016

The Micklem Competition Bridle