Four of the best bitless bridles

As going bitless continues to grow in popularity here’s our pick of four bridles

Dr Cook bitless bridle

 Dr Cook bitless bridle

This bitless bridle communicates by distributing mild pressure around the whole of your horse’s head - across the bridge of the nose, under the chin, along the side of the cheek, and over the poll. Its action can best be described as a ‘whole-head-hug’ over a large area of relatively insensitive tissue. This bridle is available in webbing, leather-look synthetic matherial or leather versions so there’s something to suit all budgets.

Price from £65.50*

Rambo Micklem Multibridle

Rambo Micklem Multibridle

There are three alternative bitless bridles, from mild to strong, so there will be one that suits your horse. They are great to use after any mouth damage such as split corners or if your horse dislikes a bit. The bridle works on the principle of a ‘whole head hug’ action where pressure travels through the reins, along the cross under straps and over the poll. Pressure is evenly and painlessly spread over the whole head.

Price £115*

Easytrek bitless bridle

Easytrek bitless bridle

The Easytrek bitless bridle is made from good quality supple but durable black or havana brown leather. It has a soft comfortable padded noseband and brow band, and works on applying gently pressure on your horse’s head. It includes a pair of sure grip reins.

Price £39*

Rhinegold bitless bridle

Rhinegold bitless bridle

This bridle is made from German leather and works with all over head pressure with the straps crossing under the jaw. The anatomically shaped headpiece is fully padded with soft leather to reduce pressure on the poll. there's also the option of a flash strap to give more control. 

Price £62.95*

*prices correct at time of publishing


Mountain Horse Donnerwetter Multi bridle

This versatile bridle can be used as a double or regular bridle. It’s made from English leather with an anatomical padded head piece for comfort.

The padded noseband, with pullback fastening, has detachable padding with black or white leather or natural lambskin options to add a different look.

It also has a padded curved broadband to give this bridle a modern look.

Price £249*

*price correct at time of publishing

Bridleway Lavello padded cavesson bridle

Bridleway Lavello bridle

Reviewed by Your Horse associate editor, Allison Lowther

Used for six months

A very smart bridle that has a well shaped headpiece that fits neatly and comfortably around the horse's ears. The noseband and broadband are raised which add to the overall look of this bridle. 

The sizing is on the generous side and the full size bridle I had fitted my 17hh ID x TB well, but may be too big on smaller horses so it's well worth checking the sizing before you buy. 

The leather was good quality and soften up nicely with use. It was easy to clean and looked great after leather conditioner was applied. 

All in all, a nice looking and functional bridle that's very good value for money too. 

Sizes Cob, full, extra full

Colours Black, havana

Price £109.95*

*price correct at time of publishing

Mark Todd Performance flash bridle

Mark Todd Performance flash bridle

Reviewed by professional event rider Julia Dungworth

Used for six months

A stylish looking bridle that's true to size. The leather was lovely and soft from day one and was easy to keep clean. The shaped headpiece fitted nicely around the horse's ears adding to the comfort for the horse. 

This bridle also has an ergonomically designed noseband that fixes it's position so the front of the noseband doesn't get pulled down by the flash attachment. 

A really good quality bridle that looks smart too. Well worth the money.

Colours Black, brown

Sizes Cob, full size

Price £189.99*

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*price correct at time of publishing

Felix Buhler Anatomical Pro bridle

An innovative bridle that's been designed with a special anatomical cut which prevents pressure on your horse's delicate facial nerve keeping your horse happy and comfortable. The Anatomical Pro bridle is an ideal bridle if you horse is particularly sensitive horses, or if he's prone to lock his jaw.

If you love a little bit of bling, the curved browband features small sparkling crystals. The extra-wide, anatomically shaped cut back headpiece is shaped around your horse's ears for comfort. Soft leather padding on the headpiece, browband and noseband all add to the overall look of this bridle and comfort for your horse.

Price £79.90 *

* Price correct at time of publishing

Felix Buhler Anatomical Pro bridle

Micklem Competition bridle

Tested by: Your Horse Gear Guide Editor, Allison Lowther

This bridle is designed for comfort and takes into account the shape of your horse’s head. I’ve used it on both of my horses, Wish and Jester, and both seem to like it compared to their conventional bridles.

There are lost of great features on this bridle including the fact that there are no additional straps for the noseband so there’s less pressure over the headpiece. There’s also plenty of scope for adjustment so you can get a good fit.

The headpiece is shaped to go around the back of the ears and a little padding adds to the comfort.

I've been using this bridle for three years now and from the get go I noticed that both my horses seem to accept the contact better and go more consistently in it.

This bridle looks a little different, but for me, comfort comes first and I’ll continue to use it as my horses go really well in it.

Price*: £120

*Price at time of publishing - April 2016

The Micklem Competition Bridle

Carl Hester Fantastic Elastic rein


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Features:  The Carl Hester Fantastic Elastic rein training aid has elastic insets, and aims to connect the horse and rider to give the ultimate ‘feel’. The manufacturers claim that this hand-stitched, quality British leather rein is the only complete one on the market that produces this connection. These reins come in their own printed bag.
Size: Horse or pony length
Colour: Black or brown

Myler Comfort Snaffle


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Features: The Myler Comfort Snaffle has a uinique mouthpiece with a no-pinch design that allows more room for the tongue and swallowing comfortably. The bit allows more precise communication while being kind to your horse.
Size: 4.5in – 6in depending on the cheek option.
Price: £62.95. Other cheeks are available from £42.95
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