The student's horse: Exams - a student's swear word

Gutted to be missing this season - here's a photo of us last year!

Gutted to be missing this season - here's a photo of us last year!

Last month, we met Georgie and her horse Sheamus - a pair who are taking on the world of university together. After a nasty fall and a pelvis fracture for Georgie, the duo had to put their training on hold. One month on, Georgie updates us on her recovery, becoming a prisoner of a deckchair and how even fracturing your pelvis can't get you out of an exam.

Hi all!

I hope you're well. I'm in considerably better shape since my last post, but I've still had my fair share of ups and downs to contend with in the meantime.

I'm a lot more mobile now and have even been let loose in my car again as I've reached my six-weeks post-pelvis-fracture.

This hot weather has been amazing! Although not so amazing that I'm envious of you lovely lot out competing in it. 

Sheamus' normal reaction to bath time (a lot cooler than this week - hence dramatic shivering and requirement of a rug) 

Sheamus' normal reaction to bath time (a lot cooler than this week - hence dramatic shivering and requirement of a rug) 

You'd think that Sheamus, being dark bay in colour, may take to the shade at times like this? WRONG.

Presumably his dedication to his belly stops him from pausing his grazing.

Whenever we can we've been hosing him off to cool him down - Sheamus has a love-hate relationship with water - he actively avoids puddles on a hack but will whole-heartedly take a leap of faith, with much gusto down steps in to a water complex.

But it appears that the heat has mellowed him slightly, he even enjoyed the hose round his neck and ears!

(Not so) Fun in the sun

Continuing with the weather theme - I'm still bearing my significant sun tan lines from the day my mother kindly bought me a deckchair, settled me down for the day in the garden to enjoy the sun and went off to work.

After a couple of hours, I decided I wanted to go inside. This is the non-plain sailing part… what we failed to check was if I'd actually be able to get out of it unaided.

So, as you can imagine for the next two hours (luckily my brother came back from work) I was a prisoner sat in my own deckchair. How very traumatic.

Aside from traumatic sunbathing incidents I've stayed relatively pain free, my physiotherapist and osteopath have been brilliant - ensuring my body fixes itself in the least-wonky fashion possible.

Getting in shape

One thing they don't tell you is how liable you are to gain weight while injured, particularly those of you like me who never stop.

I like to call it the ‘yard walk’, everywhere I walk I go at a pace faster than my poor 6ft5 boyfriend can manage.

Sheamus and Amanda enjoying a hack

Sheamus and Amanda enjoying a hack

I've never been one to watch the scales (more familiar with the ‘scales of training’ than the bathroom scales) but as soon as I'm well enough I'm adamant to tone up.  

Unlike me who has been immobile for last six weeks, I'm lucky enough to have the help of Sheamus’ loaner Amanda to help care for and ride him.

I originally found Amanda to loan Sheamus at the beginning of my third year at university, so I had a little more time to study and not procrastinate at the yard each evening.

Believe me, I took procrastination to a new, ridiculous level - I would in fact win awards for my procrastination skills.

I'm so happy that Amanda can learn as much as I have from him (my most recent lesson being to hold on tighter so you don’t fracture your pelvis) as he really is a one in a million horse.

As previously mentioned Sheamus’ appetite is high on his agenda, whatever it takes, his belly will be full - over the last couple of months said belly has got a little, how shall we say, 'insulated'!

Therefore, Sheamus has been enrolled at Slimming World (hypothetically); he's been switched to a shavings bed (little piggy likes to munch on his straw) and he has a smaller amount of soaked hay. With a little more exercise we hope to shift his spring food baby soon!

Exams - a student’s swear word

So, in the chaos that was the initial stages of my injury, I missed two end-of-module exams at university.  

‘Hurrah’ I might hear you say? Not so. 

Believe it or not, I'd have preferred them over and done with, regardless of the inevitable fact that just approaching my practical exam would have violated any number of health and safety regulations with a fractured pelvis.

As a result, I'll be taking them in the first couple of weeks of July, cue gigantic dinosaur-size butterflies crashing around in my stomach and me single-handedly contributing to a Rescue Remedy draught.

If I don’t self-implode due to exam stress in the coming weeks, I hope you'll join me for my next blog post where I may even be documenting me riding again (just don’t tell my mother I've even contemplated these plans).

Once again, love and good health, Georgie x