Riding Everest: Why we're riding to Everest Base Camp

Meet Your Horse's first vlogger, Max Stainton. He's currently planning a trip to ride to Everest Base Camp and we'll be following him along the way! 

Can't watch the video? Here's what Max says:

Hi there, I’m Max. This is our first vlog here at Riding Everest. I’ve got cerebral palsy and I’m about to go, in six months time, to a trek to Everest Base Camp on a horse. Let me tell you why!

I’ve been riding with the RDA since I was five years old. It’s an amazing charity, it’s got not only the umbrella charity of RDA, but also charities all over the UK.

The two main groups that I’ve been riding with are the Stratford-upon-Avon group in Warwickshire and the Hyde Park group down in London.

I’m planning to raise more than £50,000 for the new [RDA] national training centre at Lowlands farm in the Midlands.

Why do I want to do that?

Well, I was born with cerebral palsy and without the RDA, I wouldn’t have had a sport to participate in and it wouldn’t have given me incredible therapy throughout my life. I know that I wouldn’t be where I am now without the RDA and horse riding, doing horse riding week to week, month to month, year to year.

Because of that, I’m now a finance professional in London, working full time. I’ve got an incredible girlfriend and I’m living independently.

I know I wouldn’t be able to have done any of that if I hadn’t been able to ride throughout my life, to keep my core strength strong and my legs loose.

For me, trying to go up and ride to Everest Base Camp on a horse is a way to give back to that incredible charity and it’s giving back in a really tangible way.

This new training centre will hopefully allow groups across the country to benefit from that centre. It will allow instructors to teach new innovative ways to do therapy-lead horse riding and also allow different people from different groups to come together and share experiences and learn what best practice is.

All of these things are incredibly exciting and unique in this country and as soon as I heard about the project, I already knew I wanted to do something crazy like ride up a mountain so why don’t I combine the two and raise money for this incredible training centre.

That’s what Riding Everest is basically. It’s trying to marry my love of RDA with an incredible project with a crazy idea, which is me, with cerebral palsy riding to Everest Base Camp, which is a total world first.

That’s our first vlog – over and out! 

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